DoubleCheck: Promising Lower Risks and Better Accountability from Engaged GRC

CIO VendorJoseph A. Cincotta, President & CEO
Today’s energy and utility companies are constantly investing to improve their performance in a dynamic competitive landscape, while at the same time complying with evolving federal and state regulations. While software-driven innovations have been applied in many areas, it is not uncommon to still find companies using the same manual processes in the areas of risk, compliance and audit management. With well-designed software tools, firms can mitigate the risk of errors, better comply with regulatory mandates, and improve efficiency. A flexible GRC software solution can ensure that all relevant stakeholders who need to be engaged in these processes are involved and accountably engaged at a level appropriate to their role in the organization.

For utility companies that seek customized solutions which can be configured to meet their specific needs, DoubleCheck is the partner of choice. DoubleCheck, based in Morris Plains, NJ, is a leading provider of GRC software solutions. These are essential to ensure productive, efficient and well-organized risk, compliance and audit processes for almost any type of organization.

DoubleCheck provides solutions for enterprise customers including the energy and utility sectors. “We provide tools that manage processes very effectively, identify and quantify risks, and manage and report on risks across the enterprise. Our software tools help manage and demonstrate compliance with regulations and business policies. You can plan, execute and report on audits,” said Joseph Cincotta, President/CEO at DoubleCheck.
“The key to our success has been our ability to manage complex information structures and workflows. We start by providing you with use-case oriented interfaces that make it simple for users to see what they need to see, do what they need to do, and not be distracted by extraneous or inappropriate information. This advantage, combined with our powerful reporting and business analytics capabilities, gives our clients a powerful, easy to us'e, cost effective solution. We are especially proud of our ‘Engaged GRC’ capabilities. The solution makes it easy and practical for you to reach out and appropriately engage your organization in relevant risk, compliance and audit programs.”

Pepco Holdings, Inc. is one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region, serving about 2 million customers in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland and New Jersey. PHI uses the systems offered by DoubleCheck to manage their Enterprise Risk Management program. With DoubleCheck, the quality and timeliness of the risk data has improved, the time required to manage the process has significantly dropped, and the user satisfaction with the process and the outputs has significantly increased.

The Roadmap

The future is guaranteed to bring greater needs to manage risks, compliance and audits as well as demonstrate that policies and practices are a demonstrable part of business, and that data gathered in these processes is analyzed, understood and acted on by accountable parties. DoubleCheck is continuing to invest in products and services that will enable companies to have the “right” Engaged GRC programs.


Morris Plains, NJ

Joseph A. Cincotta, President & CEO

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