DoubleHorn: Navigating through Cloud Space with AWS

Tab Schadt, CEO
Cloud computing isn’t the “next big thing”; the technology is here, and revolutionizing the role of IT systems in business management. The insurgency of cloud computing in the market has built a platform for businesses to acquire better technology services. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the juggernaut in this space, offers highly secured and reliable solutions to the enterprises. Texas based leading Cloud solution provider DoubleHorn has partnered with this goliath to provide solutions that are efficient in meeting all the security compliance requirements, like HIPAA, CJIS, Fed RAMP, FERPA, and ITAR. “Cloud adoption is on the rise; enterprises as well as government agencies have realized the value that cloud technology brings in,” says Tab Schadt, CEO of DoubleHorn.

DoubleHorn’s solutions incorporate innovative cloud technology to meet the necessities of the modern enterprises to migrate to the Cloud.

DoubleHorn’s AWS based cloud solutions Cloud IT, Backup & DR Solutions, and Security & Compliance Solutions allows migration of client’s IT infrastructure to the cloud securely. The solutions also establish a secure, reliable, and scalable infrastructure for disaster and data backup and recovery and also enhance cloud communication and collaboration applications by accelerating the productivity and curtailing cost.

Along with the AWS based cloud solutions, DoubleHorn, being a Cloud Services Broker, offers a single billing source, reporting and maintaining of numerous cloud solutions for its customers. DoubleHorn’s Cloud IT has assisted customers in organizing business critical applications and developing a streamlined and coherent workflow environment. For instance, a local organization based in Texas has been facilitated by DoubleHorn in moving an application to AWS environment. The solution that was provided to the organization was a blend of Cloud Assessment and Professional Services with Cloud Brokerage. Besides that the customer was also aided in developing two new cost-effective applications.

Along with Cloud solutions, DoubleHorn also provides cloud consulting to assist the organizations in understanding and utilizing the opportunities that the cloud proffers.
The consultants at DoubleHorn render assistance in a step-by-step manner that evaluates their current environment and helps in evolving cloud migration prototype. The Cloud consulting module includes planning, assessing, implementation and migration of cloud service deployments.

The disaster recovery and data protection solutions and services delivered by the company involve the two prime elements of Recovery Time objectives and Recovery Point objectives (RTOs and RPOs). DoubleHorn’s team leverages years of experience working in a variety of environments to provide the customer with a safe and cost-effective way to move their business critical applications to different storage areas.

Consultants at DoubleHorn render assistance in a step-by-step manner that evaluates current environment and helps evolving cloud migration prototype

The key factor that distinguishes DoubleHorn from rest of the cloud solution providers is its solutions and services that efficiently meet the current technological convergences. The company has recognized the pace with which enterprises are consuming cloud IT solutions and the high developmental rate. To establish more secured and cost-effective cloud-based storage solution, DoubleHorn offers Hybrid Cloud that allows companies to reap benefits of a public cloud while managing their solutions similar to that of private cloud.

DoubleHorn, with its cost-effective secured Cloud IT solutions, will continue to identify the upcoming business opportunities and apply technologies that are designed to fulfill the present and future demands. DoubleHorn, in conjunction with AWS and IaaS and SaaS partners, is planning on expanding its strategic partnership so as to deliver industry leading products and services and consulting.


Austin, TX

Tab Schadt, CEO

DoubleHorn offers cloud solutions that are carefully designed to meet the emerging technology requirements of Enterprises and Government