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Tatsuya Yasunaga, CEO
ORIX Life, one of Japan’s largest health insurance companies, had a recurring problem. Its claims department remained flooded with insurance claims in the form of handwritten applications. Due to the everlasting problem in understanding people’s handwriting, the insurance firm outsourced a BPO company to decipher and extract the data from these applications. While the insurance firm was able to save its employees from wasting too much time reading what was written, the cost of hiring a BPO was breaking its bank. To find a permanent solution, the insurance firm engaged DoubleYard Inc. With its AI-based solution, DEEPREAD, DoubleYard extracted accurate information from the handwritten applications in a flash and at low cost. Just what the insurance firm wanted. Since then, the insurer’s claims department uses DEEPREAD to better manage the claims data while reducing the manual labor involved in the process by 70 percent.

This case study is one of the many success stories that DoubleYard has created in its journey thus far. What makes the company’s solution unique is its ability to combine speech recognition, natural language processing, face and gaze detection, and recommendation engines. Wait! There is more to DoubleYard’s secret sauce.

The cornerstone of DoubleYard was laid when its parent company EduLab, a Japanese education firm, conducted an exam for one million students several years ago. The firm employed 5,000 evaluators solely to evaluate the handwritten copies of mostly elementary school students. Given the wayward writing style of such a young age group, it was daunting for the management and the evaluators to pursue their goals. In what followed, EduLab felt the need to break the mold and bring in AI to easily comprehend what was written. The company developed an AI-based OCR technology for handwriting recognition. Getting to grips with the massive requirement of such text recognition technology in different industries, EduLab created a separate business entity to offer its flagship solution, and thus DoubleYard happened in 2018.

“DoubleYard’s DEEPREAD is a cut above the rest in transforming handwritten texts and poorly printed/scanned documents into clear, structured digital data,” says Tatsuya Yasunaga, CEO of DoubleYard. The intelligent solution can read both handwritten and poorly scanned printed documents and customize character recognition depending on document types..

DoubleYard’s DEEPREAD is a cut above the rest in transforming handwritten texts and poorly printed/scanned documents into clear, structured digital data

Today, various government institutions and public sectors are still handwriting-driven and looking for ways to go digital. DoubleYard fares better than Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in terms of extracting data from both printed and handwritten documents

A leader in OCR technology, DoubleYard has developed more AI-based solutions to fill the gaps in intelligent automation. Apart from DEEPREAD, the firm provides CheckPointZ, a remote proctoring service that pairs AI’s fraud detection capability with human proctors to monitor test taker’s behavior and PC operation logs from exam sessions. Besides6, it also offers a recommendation engine that helps clients with adaptive learning.

Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, digital transformation has helped businesses reduce manual labor and adopt digital. DoubleYard has been successful in this endeavor with its AI OCR technology that helps businesses convert their analog documents to digital format, improving overall efficiency.

Today, clients want to capture information instead of just reading documents. DoubleYard is perfectly positioned to address this need with smart AI technology. The firm’s upcoming AI-based products will have the capability to capture data from invoices to receipts. With the rise in demand for OCR technologies across industries, DoubleYard looks forward to filling the needs. Furthermore, the firm has a global team with employees from Ireland, India, Singapore, and other countries and holds many patents from top universities worldwide. It prides on the exceptional knowledge that every individual at the company possesses and fuels DoubleYard to be one of the most dominant worldwide players in OCR technology.

DoubleYard Inc

Boston, MA

Tatsuya Yasunaga, CEO

DoubleYard offers AI-based solutions facilitate digital transformation by automating data extraction and improving workflow