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Rogers Coxe, COO
Being able to support a geographically dispersed company with multiple locations takes a different kind of approach to Managed Print Services (MPS). Dove Print Solutions believes the key to supporting these types of companies is its national reach and unique solution portfolio. “The challenges these organizations face, from providing a reliable and effective supplies replenishment process to ensuring every location is operating at maximum efficiency, are magnified,” explains Rogers Coxe, COO of Dove Print Solutions.

Dove was endowed with the task of improving the efficiency and cost for a client with over 800 locations across the country. During the initial assessment it was the clear that the problems stemmed from a lack of standardization and each location using their own vendor. The company consolidated its client’s entire device portfolio into three different models with its nationwide MPS program. As a part of their program, Dove operates a hardware depot to store, setup, and ship devices directly to each location. This advancement allowed the IT department to easily manage the required device drivers and software associated with internal systems and no longer handle any service calls related to printing devices.

Established in 1991, Dove Print Solutions initially began as a toner remanufacturer headquartered in the United States. The company then transitioned into printing services, and later on, started one of the earliest MPS programs, securing its first contract in 2005. Today, the company’s clients include organizations with locations in every state in the country and it offers a wide range of printing solutions and services, such as a nationwide MPS program, mobile and cloud printing, secure printing, and document management. The company also provides hardware depot services, barcode equipment sales and services, as well as Tier 1 help desk support.

The company’s approach involves assessing the business challenges of clients and devising a customized solution that checks all the boxes. Coxe adds, “In our program, we start with our four-step plan for device management, including preventative maintenance and automatic supply replenishment, and then add some of our other solutions to help them achieve their business goals and maximize efficiency.”

Today, the company’s clients include organizations with locations in every state in the country and it offers a wide range of printing solutions and services

The team at Dove works collectively with their customers to improve various business processes. By instituting rule-based methodologies that can effectively reduce overall costs and change printing behaviors, the company has been able to help clients see a further improvement to their bottom line. Identifying where some paper based processes can be converted to digital workflows has allowed organizations to reduce the time needed to enter information as well as improve the ability for branch locations to communicate and access important information.

The company’s Tier 1 help desk service is another noteworthy element of its service portfolio that helps customers with printing-related calls and queries. As a part of its MPS solution, the Tier 1 help desk service allows customers to offload printer-related calls to Dove. Rather than rerouting such calls internally and finally to the printing service provider, clients can send printing calls directly to Dove, thereby resulting in fewer calls at the their own service desk.

Quite recently, the company assisted one of its clients in managing hundreds of office printers and barcode printers across the United States and Canada, which requires wide reach and diversified experience in the multi-location MPS landscape. Dove is also collaborating with one of its trusted partners to improve its service level through its print management software. Through this initiative, technicians can monitor printing devices and analyze the performance of various hardware components as a part of their preventive management program. “This predictive analytics will give us a greater ability to spot failures before they happen and correct them without unscheduled downtime interrupting the customer. This is something we are hoping to roll out very soon,” concludes Coxe.

Dove Print Solutions

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Rogers Coxe, COO

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