dox42: Automate your Documents, Integrate your Data

Christian Bauer, CEO
As developers continue pushing their enterprises to the cloud, organizations are carefully determining how to mesh cloud services with existing applications and infrastructure. The cloud offers a lot, but the lack of efficient integration systems contrives a major challenge for businesses. Furthermore, finding database products that allow seamless integration and varied capabilities is a growing need in the database landscape. “The end users want products that deliver effective cost cutting and time to market capabilities wherein the documents are a crucial touch-point in the customer communication,” begins Christian Bauer, CEO, dox42.

dox42 provides an extensive package of software products for document automation and data integration to enable business users to generate complex documents automatically. “dox42 is very powerful, it can generate images, tables, dynamic charts, bar codes, text modules and produce virtually any desired output format like Office documents, PDF, emails and even e-books,” reveals Bauer. dox42 reduces the risks of manual error and saves costs. “The effort spent for manual document creation using copy/ paste is greatly underestimated in most companies. Business users often argue that sales quotes, contracts, permits, reports or other documents need highly individual content—they are perfectly right! And that’s the point where the flexibility of dox42 pays off: “Companies can save costs and avoid errors by automatically generating documents, while staying flexible to include individual content” explains Bauer,” says Bauer.

dox42 is capable of integrating data from various data sources, such as databases, web services, SAP, Microsoft Navision or Axapta, as well as simple Excel workbooks. “dox42 also comes with a powerful Microsoft SharePoint integration. And the best thing: it does not matter if the SharePoint is on premises or in the Office 265 cloud,” states Bauer.“With dox42, you can integrate any data with just few mouse clicks.”

dox42 consists of Microsoft Office add-ins and a server.“Using the dox42 Office Add-Ins business users and marketing specialists can design document templates to their specific requirements and uniform corporate design without any programming.
Normally they don’t need much training, because they are already familiar with the Office platform. This also saves a lot of work in the IT department,” says Bauer. The dox42 servers can be seamlessly integrated into websites, applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, ERP Systems, SharePoint and workflows. With such integration possibilities, CIOs can choose from several products depending on their specific application scenario. “This makes dox42 flexible, powerful, and intuitive,” states Bauer.

To deliver solutions to clients dox42 has a partner program in place. “We rely on a quickly growing number of solution providers who use dox42 to provide better solutions to their clients. So our clients are free to choose their preferred partner,” says Bauer. dox42 is also Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Nintex technology partner.

Companies can save costs and avoid errors by automatically generating documents, while staying flexible to include individual content

dox42 has helped many clients to overcome business challenges. For instance, the Public Administration of the Principality of Liechtenstein and several Swiss Cantons sought to automate certain business processes to be more responsive to the public, increase employee productivity, and conserve financial resources. After implementing dox42 and SharePoint, they now have a flexible, affordable document automation solution that effectively streamlines operations.

Moving forward, dox42 aims to provide the most powerful, flexible and intuitive document automation and data integration solution at a reasonable price and consequently become a leading player in the market. The company invests in people and technology with a focus on developing strong partnerships and agile products. Furthermore, it has plans to increase its global footprint along with its close partnerships.


Houston, TX

Christian Bauer, CEO

dox42 provides an intuitive and powerful product to automatically generate documents and integrate data from various sources.