Doxim: Advanced SaaS-Based Enterprise Content ManagementSolutions

Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO
Today, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) plays a key role in optimizing document-centric business operations for organizations operating in the banking and brokerage verticals. ECM enables efficient enterprise workflow with its ability to offer indexing and easy retrieval of documents without compromising security.

However, while implementing a new ECM or upgrading existing solutions, CIOs in the financial services sector often face challenges, including how to manage costs and streamline operations. To overcome these challenges and keep their business operations cost effective, these CIOs are increasingly turning to cloud-based ECM solutions, which offer them a holistic way to manage business-critical communications and documents efficiently, for a predictable and affordable monthly fee.

Established in 2000, Doxim offers SaaS ECM to help financial service providing companies address document-related business challenges. “We partner with financial service companies and help them bring their documents online to improve their overall customer experience and streamline their operations,” says Chris Rasmussen, President and CEO of Doxim.

Doxim’s deep knowledge and expertise in offering SaaS solutions has allowed it to develop robust ECM solutions for the financial sector. The company’s Enterprise Content Management and eDocument solutions enable financial services clients to permit their customers to access their financial documents securely through a familiar banking or brokerage portal. End users can gain secure access to electronic versions of their documents like statements, trade confirmations, tax forms, customer notices, and other relevant files, quickly and easily on their home computer or mobile device. This in turn drives huge cost savings in print and mail related to traditional delivery channels for these documents.

As well as offering document storage and access solutions, Doxim helps its clients tackle broader document management challenges. By integrating cutting-edge document imaging technologies into its solutions,Doxim helps clients convert physical to electronic documents, reducing the number of errors in document capture for hundreds of financial service organizations.

We partner with companies that offer financial services and help them bring their documents online to improve their overall customer experience and streamline their operations

Improving the response to client demands for mobility in financial services is another area of focus for Doxim. By designing solutions that support digitized content and online client onboarding work flows for field agents, Doxim is helping its clients improve workforce mobilization. This shift has been driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, to which Doxim has responded by enabling client onboarding anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The financial service industry undergoes frequent consolidation, and firms often find it challenging to create a single, fully integrated back-end system after mergers. Efforts to update historic back-office systems often take years and add risk within the company. For one such recently merged client, Doxim was able to use its CRM platform to bridge gaps in the patchwork of back-office systems, providing a unified 360 degree view of customers with no change to the back end architecture. “After the merger was completed, different banking systems were able to work simultaneously with a single front-end CRM system. This offered tremendous value for the client,” says Rasmussen.

Doxim continues to increase its share in Canada and the U.S. markets. Doxim’s core technologies are flexible and can be easily adapted to suit local banking and brokerage norms. Chris Rasmussen credits the organization’s ongoing success to the support and guidance offered by Doxim’s long-term customers. “We attribute our success to listening to our clients. They help inform what we do, the way we think about our platform enhancements, and how we participate in the banking and brokerage ecosystems,” says Rasmussen, who is also proud to note that his firm has a customer retention rate of 98 percent over the last decade.


Toronto, Canada

Chris Rasmussen, President & CEO

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