DP&C Enterprises: Integrated Approach toward Supply Chain Management

Keith A. Spero, CEO
Companies in the manufacturing sector rely heavily on efficient Supply Chain Management (SCM) systems to boost their operational excellence, shorten their order cycles, and create new revenue channels. However, as the businesses evolve, they need to acquire new technologies, as well as deal with multiple partners along the supply and demand chains. “These partners by definition have disparate system architectures, which create significant integration challenges,” says Keith A. Spero, CEO, DP&C Enterprises. Manufacturing companies need a trusted partner that can help them overcome these challenges—including the compatibility of new systems with the existing software, and providing more control over their supply chain processes. Headquartered in East Brunswick, NJ, DP&C Enterprises is a system integration and consulting company, focused on providing consulting, process enhancements, technology applications, project management and total supply chain solutions.

DP&C Enterprises’ deep industry expertise, combined with agile software solutions help manufacturers enhance their cash flow by improving existing physical, system, and human resource utilization by increasing the real time visibility of information in order to make better, faster, management decisions. “First, we create and crystallize an executable plan that is embraced by management with clear delineation of responsibility for execution,” states Spero. “This is presented and measured through project management tools that track activity, resources, cost to budget, and quantified metric improvement.”

DP&C believes that the only way to provide customers’ a faster path to profitability is by having a complete knowledge of their financial and organizational capability. The company takes a threefold process approach to formulate an executable plan for implementing an improved supply chain environment. “The challenge typically faced at the time of making an executable plan is the availability of “true data”, the process owners truly understanding their own process and the linkages to others, and potentially disrupting the cultural norms of the organization,” points-out Spero.

As an initial step of the threefold process, DP&C takes a unique approach to extracting true data from the client’s databases and ad hoc systems for establishing an information benchmark as metrics to compare quantitative improvement. With this information, DP&C reviews the current business processes, aiding business owners to be aware of both the linkages and gaps from which supply chain improvement can be planned.

We create and crystallize an executable plan that is embraced by management with clear delineation of responsibility for execution

The final step includes personal observation that provides the elements to manage efficient supply chain processes—driving manufacturers to make faster, more informed decisions, with little or no organizational overhead.

DP&C is unique in its process centric approach, while at the same time they introduce their own technology solutions using their applications and customer software development group. With this, the company is ideally positioned to assist small to midsize manufacturers, distributors, and transportation providers by increasing the use of the processes and technology at hand— in an iterative way that allows businesses to continue and make improvements. The process driven strategy is core to the bottom up approach that DP&C has taken to commercialize its TMS application, DP&C SmartFleet. SmartFleet is constructed on the fundamental principle of the user requirement and application experience.

In one instance, DP&C increased the overall capability of supply chain through improved systems, processes, and functional accountability for one of its clients that had inefficient supply chain planning, disconnected systems and poor facility storage utilization. DP&C evaluated personnel and recommended realignment to better support business objectives—creating and executing better linkage between materials, transportation and customer service management to reduce inventory versus sales orders, resulting in improved cash flow. “The client also achieved timely and accurate visibility of information to make faster informed decisions, alongside enjoying efficient utilization of resources and assets,” says Spero.

According to Spero, enterprises need to become not just better users of technology, but also clearly align themselves with their value-chain delivery goals. Forging ahead, DP&C plans to bring in exciting process innovation to optimize order to cash cycle in the supply chain environment.

DP&C Enterprises

East Brunswick, NJ

Keith A. Spero, CEO

Provides supply-chain management solution to help manufacturers and distributors to better utilize their resources and assets

DP&C Enterprises