Drawloop Technologies - Now Part of Nintex: Automate Document Generation and Workflow to Drive Productivity

John Burton, CEO
Modern day organizations are keen to consolidate and standardize their sales and service and other data driven processes on Salesforce. CIOs are on a constant lookout for applications that leverage every opportunity for users to perform their jobs more efficiently as well as to leverage their enterprise investments in Salesforce to get the most from the documents used during business processes. Nintex—which acquired Drawloop Technologies in July 2015–automates and standardizes the document generation process in Salesforce and other CRM systems to help close deals and convert renewals faster. The integration of Drawloop technology into the Nintex Workflow platform ensures that the automation of document creation and simple-to-sophisticated workflows run seamlessly in the cloud and hybrid environments including Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Salesforce.

“Salesforce offers a large repository of important information concerning potential customers, CEOs, marketing and customer support. It is a challenging task to deploy the information to the right people at that right time and that is where we come in,” asserts John Burton, CEO at Nintex.

Document generation capabilities from Nintex utilize similar sales and service documents that organizations work on a daily basis except for configured templates in Salesforce. Customers can merge any Salesforce data into any combination of document templates—Word, Excel, PPT, PDF, which generates a Dynamic Document Package (DDP). A DDP is a single packaged asset comprised of one or more different types of documents that are dynamically merged with Salesforce data.

Nintex, through its acquisition of Drawloop, has brought to market unique solutions that optimize content delivery in Salesforce. The firm’s LOOP Document Services enables users to generate documents utilizing Salesforce within one environment, and organizations can leverage existing business rules and workflows and eliminate any manual intervention.

We strive to be known by our customers and partners as the desired place to automate workflows and document generation

For instance, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, had to create proposals and contracts over thousands of prospects and corporate customers. The process was inefficient and error-prone and their sales representatives were unable to interact with clients effectively. LOOP Document Services eliminated the process of creating and managing documents manually. Within four weeks, LinkedIn teams went from manual document creation process to an automated process generating hundreds of proposals and contracts dynamically from one window. The firm achieved 50 percent improvement in time for the delivery of new proposals to customers and prospects.

The company’s Custom App provides a simple, flexible, and easy way to add dynamic document generation regardless of the technology or application being used in organizations, and is divided into three categories—LOOP Platform, DDP API and DDP API with Admin App that automates and merges the same documents that organizations have used for years. “We invest in technology that enhances user experience and makes it intuitive, simplifies inclusion of content, and supports information,” informs Burton.

By bringing together Drawloop’s automated document generation capabilities with Nintex’s workflow automation, we are able to solve challenges across multiple cloud platforms and mobile scenarios. “We have a five star customer satisfaction rating and offer a quick and easy mobile solution for Salesforce consumers which can help them to stay ahead of the competition. We will strive to be known by our customers as the one stop shop to automate workflows and document generations,” concludes Burton.

Drawloop Technologies-Now Part of Nintex

Bellevue, WA

John Burton, CEO

Businesses rely on Nintex to automate and standardize the interaction between people and content.