drchrono: Delivering Care, Driving Revenue

Michael Nusimow, CEO & Co-Founder and Daniel Kivatinos, COO & Co-Founder
Ambulatory care practices, regardless of their size, have traditionally been spending more time on health record data entry and management at the cost of patient experience. Be it small, medium, or large care providers, in order to run a modern practice, they are compelled to use an array of solutions from electronic health records (EHRs) to billing solutions to revenue cycle management (RCM) systems which often act in silos and are tedious to operate. In particular, the medium and larger ambulatory care providers using non-cloud based systems spend heavily on IT management rather than focusing on improving care delivery. “Large healthcare providers are running a shadow IT company within their organization to manage their EHRs, billing solutions, as well as services such as email and appointment scheduling,” says Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of drchrono. These extraneous endeavors have made it incredibly cumbersome for them to balance care delivery and revenue.

A true innovator in the mobile EHR arena, drchrono offers comprehensive healthcare solutions that include mobile EHR, medical billing software, and complete revenue cycle management (RCM) platform catering to the holistic needs of ambulatory services provider of all sizes. Daniel Kivatinos, COO and co-founder of drchrono says, “Back in 2010 when drchrono came into being, EHR adoption was less than three percent in the market due to high inefficiency. We have transformed the EHR landscape where 93,000 physicians and 10 million patients use our comprehensive EHR platform on iPad.”

Built for the mobile era, drchrono has simplified the implementation of inventive healthcare technology for easy data access and streamlined workflow. The company’s end-to-end solution integrates patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow and medical billing seamlessly allowing medical practices to explore maximum profitability through mobile devices. The drchrono platform enables physicians to document complete patient encounter and submit the documentation to a billing team or to an insurance company right from their iPhone or iPad. “As an Apple mobility partner, drchrono is able to broaden healthcare industry adoption of EHRs through their native iOS app and transform the method in which physicians provide healthcare,” says Nusimow. The competitive zeal propels the company to supports mobile technology in the market including the latest iPhone X and Apple watch.

drchrono’s platform is driven by automation, machine learning, and powerful API empowering practices to stay ahead of the challenges by delivering quality care while maximizing revenue. The open API allows developers to build applications easily and host various services seamlessly with drchrono. “In 2016, we saw 170 percent growth in the API usage as we provide the only EHR API that allows a developer to start within minutes.” The API is modern, robust and secure, enabling developers to build features to meet the needs of the physicians and the patients. Soon, patients will be able to port their medical data to the application of choice with the help of the API.

In 2016, we saw 170 percent growth in the API usage as we provide the only EHR API that allows a developer to start within minutes

Covering Larger Practices

For larger practices, drchrono has an enterprise team that focuses on the needs of these clients and helps them develop an ROI analysis. Post analysis, the company helps them map a transition plan and transfer all the data stored in the client’s previous vendor to the drchrono EHR platform. “Unlike other vendors in the market, drchrono’s data transfer is bi-directional. We not only help our potential customers migrate their data into our system, but also help our existing clients retrieve all the data from our platform easily. In addition, we have an ongoing partnership with box.com, an enterprise grade HIPAA compliant cloud platform, where the client’s entire data is synced from day one.”

Physicians can also benefit from the easy-to-use patient scheduling tool to optimize practice’s calendar, automatically send email/text/phone appointment reminders, and check in patients. Physicians can enter patient information once and automatically pass data to clinical charts, lab orders, billing, and insurance companies for claims eliminating multiple data entries and errors. drchrono also offers a ‘Patient Check-In’ app designed toward streamlining the patient check-in process. Practices can allow patients to fill in forms online remotely or answer basic questions and sign the form on iPad, which saves office administrative strain while improving the patient experience. Through the RCM solution, drchrono provides reporting on the entire billing process that helps practices keep track of claims, get paid on time and decrease administrative tasks which ultimately improves their profitability.

RCM Pro—Today and Tomorrow

The company has built a new product called RCM professional (RCM Pro) which acts as an assembly line of revenue cycle management. The RCM Pro process starts the moment a doctor finishes charting on iPad or web. It is an assembly line where the major stages of the RCM lifecycle are dealt with, to track claims and gather data. “It allows us to handle all claims efficiently and deliver key insights to our customers,” says Nusimow. The company is also investing in machine learning for medical billing and RCM.

Striding ahead, the company plans to further invest in RCM services to better serve the larger provider space. “Backed by a successful mobile EHR, we are gearing up to offer world-class RCM services to establish ourselves as the leaders in the healthcare RCM space,” concludes Nusimow.


Sunnyvale, CA

Michael Nusimow, CEO & Co-Founder and Daniel Kivatinos, COO & Co-Founder

Provides a complete EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management solution on iPad, iPhone, and the web