Dream Weaver LLC: Serialization–The New Mantra to Battle Drug Supply Chain Odds

Trinanjan Gupta, Founder & Partner
Today Serialization of pharmaceutical drugs and the resulting ability to Track & Trace the product as it moves through the supply chain is fast becoming the de-facto Pharmaceutical Industry response to effectively combat the drug counterfeiting menace. With the signing of the Drug Quality and Security Act on November 27, 2013 by President Obama this “good to have” approach is quickly becoming a “mandatory” Industry requirement to meet both the FDA compliance requirements and also to protect the patient and Pharmaceutical Industry interests.

Typically, the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain consists of manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacies before the product reaches the end-consumers. Today there is a lack of visibility as a drug makes its way through the supply chain which exposes it to many dangers like counterfeit drug insertion at any point. If Products were serialized which in simple terms means identifying all levels of the product and packaging with a unique Product & Serial Number., risk would be dramatically reduced. Aware of these benefits and excited about how this could revolutionize the Industry, Trinanjan Gupta(TJ) along with his colleague and now business partner Manish Gupta left SAP America and laid the cornerstone of Dream- Weaver LLC. Located in Wilmington, DE, this firm offers solutions and services to pharmaceutical companies to address their global Track & Trace /Serialization needs. “Besides addressing compliance, more visibility and traceability of supply-chain data is a key business differentiator. Once companies address serialization requirements we will see an information explosion with the most granular level of supply chain data available to us. This opens up huge possibilities,” says TJ, Co-Founder& Partner at DreamWeaver.

DreamWeaver currently offers Supply Chain solutions and services to their customers leveraging SAP technology. Their main focus is in the Pharmaceutical Serialization space where they are already regarded as market leaders in North America.

Besides consulting they offer a range of solutions including a comprehensive end to end serial number management solution with country reporting, Mobile authentication solutions, Serialization Composite Implementations (DCS) etc.

We believe that the Vertical SaaS model is here to stay which means there will be an amalgamation of domain and technology expertise as this model gets more prevalent

Many of these offerings are solution bundles containing SAP configuration and code that work as point solutions to complex business problems. They are easy to transport to customer environments and quick to implement. “We are continuously striving to consolidate all our learnings into easy to consume solutions. That is how we want to provide value to customers who are tired of never ending project implementations” TJ adds. DreamWeaver has endeavored to use the same simplified approach to consulting services. For new Serialization implementations they have built DCS’s (DreamWeaver Composite Solution) which is their “Best Practices Template” and roll these projects out to customers in a matter of weeks. Looking forward, TJ wants to continue the company’s dual focus on consulting and solutions because he thinks both are complimentary “The everyday learnings from our customers on the ground is unbelievable” However he does believe that with Cloud Solutions picking steam the traditional consulting model will come under pressure and a change is imminent. Foreseeing a massive business transition in the way technology will be consumed in the future, he previses the blurring of lines between domain and technology expertise."We believe that the Vertical SaaS model is here to stay which means there will be an amalgamation of domain and technology expertise as this model gets more prevalent”. He further adds “The action will be in the areas of highly specialized cloud services that attack Industry specific problems like we do. We see exciting times ahead for us because we address both the domain & technology expertise seamlessly" TJ extols.

Dream Weaver LLC

Wilmington, DE

Trinanjan Gupta, Founder & Partner and Manish Gupta, Founder & Partner

Offers Supply Chain solutions & services with a key focus on Serialization.