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Aaron Christopher “A.C.” Evans
Modern consumers are busier than ever, and with the continued evolution of mobile technology, more and more time is being spent navigating the world through smartphones. But even though mobile technology has advanced significantly, one thing hasn’t changed — a consumer’s expectation and preference for a personalized experience. This leaves enterprises with the challenge of meeting consumer expectations and engaging with them in a thoughtful, humanized way.

Mobile technology enables consumers to constantly be on the go, which means they value their time more than ever. Navigating through automated phone systems and waiting on hold lacks a humanized element that truly engages consumers. How can enterprises keep pace with tech-savvy consumers and provide a more meaningful experience? Drips, the founders of AI-powered conversational outreach, is bridging the gap with its solution.

“Our platform allows some of the largest enterprises in the world to ‘act small’ by having 1:1 humanized conversations with their consumers at scale. At any given moment, Drips holds over 8 million concurrent conversations to help consumers get the information they need in a personalized way,” says Aaron Christopher "A.C." Evans, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Drips.

Evans and Tom Martindale, Drips’ current President and Founding Partner, and Anthony Greco, Drips’ current Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, launched Drips in 2016 with a mission to improve the customer experience. Together, they lead Drips’ steadfast focus on empowering brands to hold scalable humanized conversations with their audience through a conversational outreach strategy that includes human-like two-way texting, scheduled calls, and voicemail messages.

A.C. Evans is committed to leading the industry by helping establish SMS best practices and bridging the gap between companies and their audiences through conversational outreach. He serves on the Executive Committee of the Professional Association for Customer Engagement (PACE) board of directors.

The Drips’ conversational outreach platform has been adopted by some of the largest enterprises in the country, including Fortune 500 companies who have turned to Drips to help them drive more meaningful conversations with millions of consumers on a daily basis. In 2021, Drips was recognized for the third consecutive year by Deloitte as one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the U.S.
In a customer success highlight, AIS Insurance (Mercury) reached out to Drips for higher contact and engagement rates, better conversions, and, of course, cost-efficiency from customers who had requested auto insurance quotes. Drips partnered with AIS to deploy a conversational outreach strategy that reinvigorated their Quoted Not Sold follow-up approach. The company implemented the Drips platform, increasing engagement with AIS’ audience and enabling a much higher rate of inbound phone calls. AIS witnessed increased KPIs across the board as their prospect-to-transfer rate nearly doubled. In addition, the cost to warm transfer metrics also dropped by $7 per lead. After its initial success, Drips initiated a second campaign for new prospects who hadn’t received a quote. The campaign saw as high as a 32% conversion rate. Drips continues to help AIS test other marketplaces to further scale customer acquisition.

Backed by a proprietary natural language processing model, our conversational outreach platform allows some of the largest enterprises in the world to have 1:1 humanized conversations with their audience to build relationships

As the company extends its reach into the healthcare and insurance verticals, Evans and his team continue to focus on Drips’ core mission — delivering a personalized consumer-first experience.

“Since 2016, we’ve had more than 113 million unique users and 3.5 billion touchpoints through our system. These numbers represent individuals who want easy access to information to make decisions that are important to them. The Drips platform helps facilitate each of those conversations in a personalized way,” concluded Evans.


Akron, OH

Aaron Christopher “A.C.” Evans

Drips offers an AI-powered humanized conversational platform for client-user interaction.