DriveLock: Reinforcing Enterprise Security with Endpoint Protection

DriveLock: Reinforcing Enterprise Security with Endpoint ProtectionAnton Kreuzer, CEO
Not every security threat can be prevented through an antivirus or basic security tool. Some threats or attacks, especially those aimed at devices and tools in the manufacturing industries need sturdy solutions that go beyond the capabilities of the basic security frameworks. Thus, companies must ensure the security of their infrastructure, software, applications, and devices used within their premises. An eminent endpoint protection provider, DriveLock facilitates this process and helps organizations to protect their applications and devices. It is one of the industry experts that deliver the Endpoint Protection in an extremely granular environment for USB protection and military-grade encryption for hard disks, solid-state drives (SSD), and USB memory devices. DriveLock supports various operating systems, devices, and is available either on-premise or on the cloud for all end-user devices.

Having served various industries with the endpoint protection for over a decade, the company now focuses on developing additional application control, device control, and compliance modules with added machine learning capabilities for the industrial IoT market. DriveLock leverages its Endpoint Protection software suite to provide customized security solutions for the manufacturing industry. The software assures high scalability, which is an outcome of its individual configuration options and hosting services facilitated by Microsoft Azure. The software can also comply with nation-specific regulations. In addition, users always get the latest version of the security profiles, as DriveLock continually updates the software’s firewall to tackle every new threat in the market.

DriveLock Endpoint Protection enables organizations to protect both their workforce and the enterprise facilities with its smart artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. “We saw a lot of integrated artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning requests from customers in the enterprise market. Most of these requests were for simplifying the execution of machine learning because many companies implement AI as its usage has increased over the last few years,” states Anton Kreuzer, CEO. DriveLock addresses this need with Smart AppGuard, the latest addition to its Managed Endpoint Protection Suite.

The DriveLock experts offer round-the-clock support and regular compliance audits for its Endpoint Protection software to ensure the highest level of IT security

Equipped with predictive “whitelisting,” it only executes the programs that are already available or recognized. Moreover, any inbound application must pass through a highly complex test procedure based on 50 machine learning algorithms or key performance indicators. Only after the robust test sequence, DriveLock allows the applications to be executed in the device.

The company also integrates with widely recognized computing systems with its embedded OS and Windows XP as many devices still operate using these outdated systems which pose a significant security risk as there are no more updates or patches available. The DriveLock experts offer round-the-clock support and regular compliance audits for its Endpoint Protection software to ensure the highest level of IT security. The software strictly complies with EU General Data Protection Regulation and various other enterprise compliance guidelines. In addition, DriveLock Endpoint Protection software along with the Device Control modules proactively protects systems and devices against cyber threats in real time, at low cost.

The company has delivered these capabilities to numerous clients from verticals such as manufacturing, finance, automotive, and healthcare over the years. With absolute dedication, DriveLock is currently expanding its footprint in the U.S., focusing on the industrial IoT sector. With a well-planned product roadmap for the next two years, the company seeks to develop highly advanced data verification methods based on machine learning capabilities. DriveLock also plans to create a significant global presence for itself.


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Anton Kreuzer, CEO

Provides endpoint protection suite using new age technology like machine learning for enterprise security