Druid: Boutique Cloud Solutions for Digital Transformation

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Rafael Estima, CEO
The future of enterprise systems is in the cloud. As more and more organizations come to this realization – albeit accelerated by the pandemic - the rush to move their on premises systems to the cloud is gaining momentum. However, shifting the legacy applications to the cloud is not a cakewalk owing to cumbersome processes and the security concerns plaguing these outdated systems. Besides, the in-house employees are mostly untrained to handle cloud applications, and that becomes another roadblock. Not to mention, cloud migrations are usually a costly affair, especially for startups running on limited budgets. In a nutshell, cloud migrations tend to become a major headache for organizations looking to fast forward their digital transformation – until Druid steps into the picture.

The Rio de Janeiro-based technology company with offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Orlando, US facilitates seamless cloud migrations for organizations. Founded in 1998 with a focus on developing and integrating complex, high-performance, scalable systems mostly catering to telecommunication operators and banks, Druid pivoted to enabling the digital transformation of organizations by leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources in 2016, eventually partnering with AWS in 2018. “We enable our customers to overcome the limitations of traditional on-premises applications and go to the cloud,” says Rafael Estima, CEO of Druid.

Starting as a select partner on AWS Partner Network, Druid has achieved the tag of Advanced Consulting Partner. Owing to a fruitful partnership with AWS, Druid has been awarded a Service Delivery Provider (SDP) badge that allows them to provide AWS cloud platforms and Amazon DynamoDB services to its clients, while the Service Provider Partner (SPP) badge allows them to resell AWS solutions to their customers.

With a team of high-skilled experts, Druid differentiates itself from other players by showcasing dual expertise in cloud infrastructure and platform deployment as well as in cloud application development. With an in-depth understanding of AWS, Druid is on a mission to modernize legacy applications and also create new applications to streamline the cloud journey of organizations.

In consultation with AWS, Druid creates customized cloud applications and modernizes legacy applications using their Cloud Native software development solutions that include DevOps and Serverless, along with building new cloud infrastructure. Also, Druid’s Cloud Square offering provides multiple tech solutions for cloud security. Furthermore, Druid also helps concentrate organizations’ data in a data lake by AWS and leverages data analytics and machine learning to enable real-time insight generation, prediction, and visualization of the data.
Druid’s streamlined approach fast-tracks cloud adoption for both enterprises and startups. For enterprises, Druid segments their legacy application in parts, modernizes those parts that generate more value to the customers, and uploads them to the cloud partby-part for speedy migration. For startups, Druid creates their cloud architecture from scratch and helps them contract and train their resources for the fast implementation of cloud applications.

That’s not all. Druid also has training programs to address the current worldwide lack of specialized resources to handle cloudbased systems. In addition, Druid’s Cloud Native Accelerators product enables fast implementation of cloud solutions without requiring much human intervention, thereby fast-tracking cloud migrations.

For instance, Estima recounts Druid being the first cloud-native solution provider for the network area of Telefônica Vivo, a leading telecom operator in Brazil. Responding to their need to have a cloud solution on their network to better customer engagement across digital channels, Druid replaced their old application architecture with newly created cloud applications within eight months. “We integrated many different systems inside Telefônica, and we modernized the platform that they use to generate campaigns to send messages and calls to the customers with advertisements and promotions,” recalls Estima.

We enable our customers to overcome the limitations of traditional onpremises applications and go to the cloud

With more such successes on the horizon, Druid plans to grow as an AWS partner and become a premier partner within a year and a half. “We’re also planning to launch our own product to accelerate the cloud modernization development by mid-2022 to help our customers in their cloud journey,” Estima concludes.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rafael Estima, CEO

Druid is a technology company and AWS partner offering cloud solutions to speed up digital transformation of organizations