DSBWorldWide: A Magic Wand for Managing and Updating Website

Tony Dean, CEO Interactive and user-friendly websites enable businesses to attract customers and retain them.

However, ensuring top-notch quality across user interactions is not an easy task for organizations given the lack of people with expertise in both web development and design skills. Finding the web developers and designers who are capable of working outside of the WordPress confinement to develop original code and keeping websites up-to-date is a real challenge today.

A one-stop shop for wed development, web design, and marketing services, DSBWorldWide meets all these needs by providing a high-quality product in all areas of creativity, development, CMS software, digital marketing, and consultation. The company’s proprietary CMS software, WebItems, allows businesses to easily and effectively manage their site and online presence with minimal effort. In other words, people with little to no design or development skills can also be assigned to manage and update content as well as products and orders related information on websites.

WebItems also solves the issue of updating the same content in multiple places repeatedly. It focuses on placing content on pages and configures the pages to allow for the flow of content from specific modules. If a client has staff listings showing on their website on multiple pages, for example, the software configures the website to show the staff listings as a complete list on a directory, a categorized list by department, or staff details for a specific page. AUAdmin back-office administrators or UAdmin users need to update details just on the staff listings module within the UAdmin back office, and it will be visible in all three areas.

“Our Page Manager module allows businesses to configure pages and content quickly, set member accessibility, manage meta data, optimize content for search engines, and access a live preview in various resolutions and formats,” says Tony Dean, founder and CEO, DSB, who is considered as one of the pioneers of internet.

Enabling Seamless Content Management

WebItems offers a variety of modules that fully support business websites in many ways, providing customers with the confidence to create sophisticated sites with minimal experience. Its standard modules include blogs, staff listings, faqs, forums, testimonials, events, festival events with registration, video and photo galleries, presentations for slide shows, file management, and support tickets. The company also creates custom modules for clients when required.

DSB’s ability to not only create original website designs but to integrate WebItems software for managing the content on the site gives them a completive edge. Having their own CMS tool with WebItems software allows businesses to manage their website data according to their style and requirement.

Once a page is determined for launch, clients can use the Site Navigation module to link content to the page. All WebItems integrated sites’ navigation support mega-menus with pictures and descriptions for large menu options and configuration.

From an e-commerce standpoint, the software helps in managing products, distribution levels, bulk ordering, rules, promos, fulfillment with inventory control, shipping methods, and order tracking and processing. It supports front-end members with order history, account management, location management for delivery, and bulk order purchasing, in addition to placing orders and processing the cart. In addition, quick panels on the dashboard within the UAdmin back office allow businesses to monitor orders, member data, and feedback forms.

Practical Approach To Client’s Engagement

Over the last three decades, DSB has served thousands of clients and gained a significant understanding of the fundamentals of business and their web design and marketing needs. Most companies have a fundamental set of business information presented to web visitors. The company begins the client’s engagement with project discussion meetings to inquire about all facets of their business, including marketing, sales, production, inventory control, HR, committees, member systems, and public-driven information.

"When We Have Project Discussion Meetings With Potential Clients, We Reflect And Inquire About All Facets Of The Business, Including Marketing, Sales, Production, Inventory Control, Hr, Committees, Member Systems, And Public Driven Information"

Through a brainstorming session with the client, DSB tries to gain an in-depth understanding of website-related goals. This includes discussing e-commerce, client retention, information gathering and distribution, marketing, social portals, and e-mail strategies to generate more ideas and thoughts for the client to ponder. As a result, clients often realize the need for several features and functions they had not considered before. The company then implements these said ideas with its software that most developers who lean on WordPress couldn’t due to limited widgets available.

Being able to understand and handle all facets of the web design process from domain registration, hosting, SSL installation and monitoring, the web build project, software integration, migration or creation of content, to website configuration, and optimizing for search engines, DSB indeed offers complete solutions portfolio under one roof.

Undoubtedly, DSB impresses clients with its creativity and candor. For instance, South Plains Community Action Association—which had an established presence throughout the South Plains area for decades but struggled to update their website to showcase the invaluable services they offer—appreciates DSB for helping them seamlessly make the transition. The client needed a system that was easy to manage and allow their WIC clinic directors to update the information on their clinic page.

Throughout the entire process, the company took a clear and open discussion approach and answered the client’s questions in a timely fashion. It procured the domain SPCAAWIC.org. and developed a set of compositions for the client to review. As soon as the client approved Web Design 101, DSB began the chop and build composition phase and set up hosting. It installed WebItems Software into hosting and began building the template and styling the modules.

The company also sent a set of Beta codes to allow the client to watch the progress of the design coming together.

DSB configured pages and navigation and migrated the client’s content once the website was designed and mobilized.
The company also trained the client on the full usage of the back office and set up all the UAdmin Back Office user accounts for them to use for the primary site and 120 clinics subpages.

“Seeing the change from our original site to the newly updated version has been beyond satisfying. Our agency can now feel proud when directing clients to our website, and we can feel proud knowing that the life-changing services we provide are reflected faithfully,” states Eileen Mendoza, Program WIC Director, South Plains Community Action Association.

Excellence At Its Peak

DSB’s keen focus on customer service in addition to its project methodology, extensive knowledge, creativity, and engineering skillsets, makes it unique. Undoubtedly, most of its clients come through referrals.

“We don’t have to go out seeking projects. When they message us, we make sure to communicate with them as soon as possible, says Dean. “We believe if you don’t service your customers, your customers won’t service you.” The company ensures its clients are fully trained and supported with their websites. And if they have any query or need an update or add-on to their website, the team addresses every concern immediately, keeping the quality intact.

Further, DSB has developed an internal CRM to track all client information, communication, proposal generation, and technical data. Its proposal wizard allows it to create proposals rapidly, saving much-needed time. The company launched EduClasses FHC Food Handler Classes in 2008 to provide responsible vendor training for alcohol and cannabis seller server, food safety for food handlers and managers, and cosmetology continuing education. The budget limitation for traditional and Google marketing encouraged DSB to develop the concept of launching micro service sites using third-level domains with a centralized back office for managing sites, training programs, members, sales and support tickets. This marketing method allowed it to launch hundreds of sites quickly for individual states, counties and cities, which then provided DSB with great search results with Google and Bing—attaining the top position on page one.

People With Little To No Design Or Development Skills Can Manage And Update Website Content, Including Product And Order Related Information

DSB is today one of the top providers in online education for food and alcohol safety due to its marketing and development efforts. EduClasses online courses are nationally approved through ANSI/ANAB, and state-approved and accredited. Over one million students have already benefited from the courses.

The extensive work and knowledge about the direction of web design have led DSB to develop WebItems Instant Site System that will allow clients to sign up and launch website projects rapidly. This solution will provide small businesses with the ability to have a presence online with a simple-to-use system at a low cost in no time. They will be able to select from a library of themes and instantly change their sites and have access to all the features of DSB’s custom solutions at a rate any business can afford.

Going forward, DSB will enhance the capabilities of its products. It is currently adding new programs to EduClasses and working on WebItems Software 11.0 version to add more updates and new features.


Sherman, TX

Tony Dean, CEO

DSBWorldWide provides businesses with tools that allow them to easily manage their site and online presence effectively with minimal effort. It offers a high-quality product in all areas of creativity, development, CMS software, digital marketing, and consultation.