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Doug Deane, Founder CSO
DSD Business System, a leading value-added-reseller, founded in 1984 in San Diego, was built on the ideas of solving problems with technology in brand new ways. They have assembled a tight-knit group of talented individuals who take pride in the software and services that address issues and facilitate business success. With such work culture at the place, the company successfully delivers their offerings with excellence and consistency to enable client success. Moreover, covering almost every aspect of business management, from ERP and accounting to distribution management and more, DSD Business System supports a creative and open environment, where opinions are heard to help clients achieve their business goals.

From Microsoft Dynamics to the Infinity HR to Sage, DSD Business System offers a wide range of software to cater to the client needs. They have a comprehensive list of software in domains including ERP and accounting, CRM, HR, manufacturing, distribution management and more. Furthermore, elaborating more on Sage, they are Sage GOLD Development Partner and offer complete Sage software products, which range from Sage 100 to the newly acquired Sage Intacct.

The firm has been a Master Developer for Sage ERP Enhancements software since 1988, extending Sage 100 functionality by bringing hundreds of custom and proprietary products to market. Out of these enhancements, few popular ones are the DSD Multi- Currency designed for multinational companies that transact business in multiple currencies. It has five core functions—Currency, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Bank Reconciliation—each function facilitating transaction entry, custom financial reporting, printing, master file auditing, and more options any primary currency to any foreign currency. Second, the Cash Management (CMAF), for Cash Flow analysis, modeling, and reporting. It enables users to complete payment performance reviews for all customers and vendors, while also developing more precise cash predictions based on actual payment history, rather than payment terms.

From Microsoft Dynamics to the Infinity HR to Sage, DSD Business System offers a wide range of software to cater to the client needs

The third is the InstaDocs, an embedded document management solution designed for Sage 100 ERP. It allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed, and accessed directly within Sage 100 ERP and provides Easy Access, Document Tagging, Master Search, Paper Office Integration, Security, and Cloud Storage functionalities. Other renowned enhancements offered by them for Sage 100 include SQL Mirroring, state quarterly Magnetic Media Reporting, Multi-Company, Multi-Language, and more.

Apart from being the Sage GOLD partner, the company became a Sage Intacct partner as well. This partnership will allow DSD to sell, implement, support, and develop enhancement for Intacct’s award-winning cloud financial application. “The move to add DSD Business Systems into our Sage Intacct Partner Community was a valuable addition. DSD has been a leader in the software VAR industry providing sales and expertise in various Sage products, as well as unique enhancements. With their 34+ years of experience, we couldn’t be more excited to add such a successful partner to help us show the value Sage Intacct can bring to businesses,” mentioned Taylor McDonald, Senior Vice President of Channel Sales, Sage Intacct. This partnership has resulted in catering to the increasing demand for Software as a Service (SaaS) business solutions. Besides, DSD clients will benefit from Sage Intacct’s reporting and analytic capabilities. “We are excited to add Sage Intacct into the DSD Business Systems software family. Being a hugely successful cloud option on the market for some time, Intacct will help DSD to grow our offerings and serve more businesses across various verticals that are growing so fast today,” stated Kayley Bell, Chief Operating Officer, DSD Business Systems.

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Doug Deane, Founder CSO

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