DuPont Co. “legacy” Pioneered the Subject Matter Expert niche in Emerging ERP Management Challenges

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Sam Waltz, Managing Director
ERPs – Enterprise Resource Planning – are the emerging new frontier in a critical convergence of SaaS software, people-filled organizations and accountability-building business management systems.

Global companies like SAP pioneered the niche years ago for like large organizations, e.g., DuPont Co., government, higher education, and more.

Left to languish were the SMBs, the small- to mid-sized businesses with revenues of $1million to $2million on the low end to as much as $50million, for whom the ERP level of business automation seemed like a mystical black box with untold – and unavailable – benefits.

Today, companies like Global Expert Network – a founder via its predecessor company Science, Engineering & Technical Experts in 1985 of America’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) niche – are unlocking that mystical ERP black box for SMBs.

“Really, it’s our view that three issues challenge the SMB that’s interested in the efficiency and economy of the emerging ERP technology,” said Sam Waltz, a Vietnam-era Veteran of US Army CounterIntelligence, himself an early-out DuPont Co. executive who is CEO and Managing Director of Global Expert Network.

• Disciplined Process Management, that Michael Gerber-type E-Myth process design, the “building the book” that’s a critical Organizational Development (OD) pre-condition;

• The KPI “Key Performance Indicator” Metrics Integration into Business Leadership and Design, one of the “nirvana”-scale benefits of an ERP for management; and

• The API “Application Programming Interface” heavy lifting of SaaS execution, “where the rubber meets the road” in implementation.

“Today’s increasingly virtual and remote workplace, even in SMBs, some of them with BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) off-shored human capital, feel reliant on a Technology Platform where their team members – some of them employees, some contractors and vendors – go to work every day,” said Waltz.

“The success, or failure, of any SMB or organization is its ability to support that workforce, delivering value to its stakeholders as it evolves in a new paradigm more reliant on self-managing self-directed team members working autonomously via technology,” Waltz added. “The business that has not yet gone virtual and remote today knows that quite often it needs to be ready to do so tomorrow.”

Waltz said the firm expects to see more large SaaS providers with ERP offerings push “down” into the SMB market, companies like Microsoft (with its Dynamics), Oracle (with its Netsuite) and SalesForce, as well as even QuickBooks. However, for too many small(er) companies, Waltz cautions, the huge enterprise scale ERP solutions can create “a tail wagging the dog” situation.

As a result, the responsibility – even the burden – on those who run any enterprise, from a far-flung global operation to even the smallest mom ‘n pop enterprise, increases dramatically as a result of the integration of technology.

More than 150 “for-hire” Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) of Wilmington, DE-HQd, have expertise in science, engineering, and business problem-solving consulting services in ERPs, Technology, IT, CyberSecurity and related fields, including the “behavioral components,” since ERP, cybersecurity and technology IT often find “the people side” represent the greatest challenge. reports some 1,500 thought-leadership quality experts in all 50 USA states and some 20 countries, many or most of them in the senior-level strategic post-corporate phases of their careers. is the DBA (doing business as) blend of Science, Engineering, and Technical Experts, founded in 1985 by a half dozen DuPont Co scientists and engineers who were among the first to accept its “early-out” downsizing offer(s), and Strategic Capital & Business Counsel, founded in 1993 by a senior-level DuPonter who is a global and national leader in strategic business advisory and capital services.
Now in its 3rd generation ownership and management, as a Vietnam-era U.S. Military Veteran-owned firm, the firm’s Managing Director Sam Waltz headed Public Affairs and Corporate Affairs for DuPont’s Medical Products Department in the early 1990s. Earlier in his career, he’d served as a marketing leader for its packaging materials products, resins, and films.

“Interestingly,—now—was among the first-in-the-world companies to establish and pioneer the out-sourced Expert niche,” says Waltz. “DuPont had more than 180,000 employees worldwide 40 years ago, early in the 1980s. Today DuPont has fewer than 25,000 employees worldwide. It’s not unique. Many big companies took that trip, spinning off huge chunks of their talent-rich human capital into post-corporate consulting.”

“The Expert Industry niche remains a robust and growing niche,” Waltz adds, with some major players on Wall Street, a handful focused on Washington, DC-centric markets, and with the globally-known evolution from still a much sought-after problem-solving resource. “The smart company today staffs for the valley, not for the peak, leading it regularly to encounter strategic and tactical problem-solving situations that bring them to us for Expert human capital solutions.”

The smart company today staffs for the valley, not for the peak, leading it regularly to encounter strategic and tactical problem-solving situations that bring them to us for Expert-Nation. com subject matter expert (SME) human capital solutions

His wife’s late uncle was a DuPont engineer who was among the founders of CECON, Waltz states, although independent of that, he had joined the Company’s Board of Directors more than a decade ago as its founding generation “aged out,” and leadership sought strategic business leadership competence alongside its science, engineering, and technical competence.

The company’s business model is a straightforward Arbitrage Business Model. Waltz mentions that it effectively “buys time at ‘wholesale’ under contract with its proprietary Expert data base, with a discount for the branding, marketing, contracting and business management value it adds to their work, and sells that time at ‘retail,’ normalizing the process and reducing the risk on both sides for Clients matching with Experts.”

“ is agnostic about which Expert it contracts and assigns to its Clients, so our objective always is to provide the Expert who is ‘the best fit’ to the Client’s needs within the Client’s budget and timeframe, including “tomorrow!”-scale urgency,” Waltz says.

By year-end, the company’s switch to the Global Expert Network brand will be complete, but for the balance of 2022, visitors can access it via either site, including

Waltz himself is a Vietnam-era Veteran, U.S. Army Counter Intelligence. He holds BS and MS degrees from the University of Illinois, with Ph.D. coursework (no degree) from the University of Delaware. He is a former elected global–national president of the professional society for the External Affairs / Corporate Affairs / Strategy industry, akin to an MD who might head the AMA or an Attorney who might head the ABA.

DuPont Co. ''legacy''

Wilmington, Delaware

Sam Waltz, Managing Director

Description Global Expert Network is a national and global leader in provisioning of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Strategic Consulting, a Vietnam-era US Army Veteran-owned 3rd Generation Family Business.

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