Dunn Solutions: Transforming Businesses Using Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Bill Dunn, President
With the power to make smarter business decisions, there are a growing number of companies that are now embracing predictive and prescriptive analytics. Unfortunately, there are still many organizations that are skeptical or lack the proper knowledge to employ predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Founded by Bill Dunn in 1988, Dunn Solutions has evolved and changed over its 30 years in business just as much as technology has changed over this period of time. What hasn’t changed, however, is Dunn’s desire to utilize the latest and greatest technologies available to help companies solve complex problems and transform how they do business. Dunn describes this best through their use of the term “Velocity”. “Dunn Solutions is focused on delivering velocity to our clients. Velocity is achieved by the combination of both speed and direction. Dunn Solutions helps our clients achieve speed by automating business processes and direction using advanced analytics”, says Dunn.

Dunn Solutions drives velocity by delivering solutions using their two primary practices: digital solutions & development and business analytics. Within their digital solutions & development practice, Dunn Solutions helps its clients automate business processes and streamline sales and marketing through e-commerce development and marketing automation respectively.

Within its’ other key practice, business analytics, Dunn Solutions’ data scientists develop machine learning solutions that use a variety of client data sources such as revenue, customer profiles, business performance and sales targets to answer long sought after questions and provide insights that will help guide future decisions. The company also offers the ability to consolidate and move its clients’ data from various in-house platforms to the cloud. “Our partnerships with Amazon and Microsoft allow us to use their AWS and Azure cloud computing services for hosting our clients’ data,” says Jose Hernandez, Director of Business Intelligence.
Jose Hernandez, Director of Business Intelligence
In addition to project based service Dunn Solutions has pioneered the Analytics as a Service offering. This model allows its clients to contract data analysts or data scientists for all of their data-related challenges on an on-going outsourced basis. Dunn Solutions works closely with its clients to identify where their data resides and how it can be accessed in a structured manner for business use. Dunn works with their cloud partners to create a repository of client information which it can then use to build churn models, pricing models, or discount models based on its clients’ needs.

One of Dunn’s clients is a well-known home shopping network and online retailer that wanted to retain its regular and high-end customers. Dunn Solutions helped this client by performing customer segmentation and market basket analysis. By developing a correlation between various distinct products that segments buy, the team at Dunn Solutions further helped the client to contact those buyers with targeted offers and discounts.

While other analytics service providers focus mainly on descriptive analytics, Dunn Solutions employs predictive and prescriptive analytics to assist clients in decision making. The company strives to assist businesses in the migration of data warehousing and predictive analytics services to the cloud to kick-start their digital transformation journeys. “We leverage predictive analytics to help our clients understand the past behavior of their customers and then move forward with prescriptive analytics where we can provide direction on what to do next. We see this as a journey with our clients, helping them make the transition from descriptive analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics,” concludes Dunn.

Dunn Solutions

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Bill Dunn, President and Jose Hernandez, Director of Business Intelligence

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