DuPont Fabros Technology [NYSE:DFT]: Establishing an Unmatched Data Center Experience

Chris Eldredge, President & CEO
“CIOs considering wholesale data center solutions have made the decision to consider off-premise solutions like collocation solutions for the benefit of speed, people and cost considerations,” begins Chris Eldredge, President and CEO, DuPont Fabros Technology [NYSE:DFT]. Today, enterprises prioritize on larger data center space purchases with a plan to fit out their computer rooms to best meet their particular needs. Though the benefits of space and value bring wholesale data center solutions closer to business adoptions, “one of the challenges many CIOs face is in finding a data center that’s reliable, scalable and flexible.” Enter DFT—a wholesale data center provider, proffering perpetual power, reliability, security and the best economic value, to meet the increasing client requirements. “At DFT, we don’t just house servers; we support the critical mission of our customers—offering power, cooling, space and security. Our customers continue to purchase from us, time and again, because of our facilities, people and products we consistently deliver,” asserts Eldredge. Designed to offer highly specialized, computing environments in a low-cost operating model, DFT caters to global enterprises across a myriad of industries.

“With top-performing data center expertise, customer service and cutting-edge products, we ensure that our internal-networks have the appropriate, most up-to-date firewalls and intrusion detection in place, tested by third-party experts,” Eldredge explains. Additionally, the majority of the firm’s data centers are ISO-27001 certified, which is a specification for an information security management system (ISMS). DFT also prioritizes on physical security. The firm’s facilities have a minimum of five security points before visitors can enter the main data center.“We offer options for additional security measures, such as gallery fencing and biometric authentication, to access a computer room.”

“One of the greatest things about our facilities is that they’re all designed at N+2. If we temporarily lose one element in our infrastructure, there is backup,” reckons Eldredge.

One of our stated goals is to be the largest enabler of cloud—where we play a significant role

Ensuring added levels of redundancy for customers with N+2 facilities, in terms of cost, DFT offers triple-net and full-service lease options—providing clients the ability to budget based on their needs. Focused on enhancing services and client support, the company recently introduced a new water side economization plant with chiller assist—enabling outside air to cool water using a plate and frame heat exchanger. This involves the use of a container strategy to provide greater control of the hot and cold air within a computer room.

Eldredge further illuminates the big discussion in the industry currently—the impact of the cloud. With the explosion of data growth today, having ready access to applications and data is paramount. “This data needs to be stored somewhere and that is in the data centers. The industry is at the very early stages of this massive migration. One of our stated goals is to be the largest enabler of cloud—where we play a significant role,” affirms Eldredge.

Greater flexibility of the product is one of the highest priorities for the company. DFT is excited about introducing a new product—where the company would be able to offer N, N+1, N+2 and 2N, all under one roof. “We see a significant amount of growth in the future, which would be attained through organic growth in our base business, expansion with new customers in current and new markets. Expansion and growth in the existing market would encompass building more data centers for our customers,” the CEO concludes.

DuPont Fabros Technology

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Chris Eldredge, President & CEO

Developer, operator and manager of carrier-neutral, large multi-tenant wholesale data center solutions.

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