Duxlink Tele-Hospital: A New Technology Platform for High-Risk Population Health Management

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Michael Shen, MD, FACC & CMO
Here is the Trillion dollar question for all Digital Health Technology (device, IT or data) today: how to enable value-based care, shifting current reactive hospital “sick” care to future proactive out-patient “health” care. However, the current enabler, Population Health Management is only for low risk population, not for the 5-25 percent high-risk patients with 50-87 percent healthcare costs, such as preventable hospital readmission. Since 2012, Medicare has been trying to reduce the 30-day readmission expense of $45B a year. On October 1, 2018, a new Medicare BPCI (Bundled Payment) Advanced program extended the readmission metrics from 30- day to 90-day. Amidst this, the readmission rate for heart failure is 23 percent for 30-day versus 52 percent for 90-day. This program is posing 20 percent upside/incentives or downside/penalties on the 1,300 already contracted hospitals. The fundamental readmission problem is isolated data and care after hospital discharge in the Post- Acute Care (PAC) continuum (Hospital – Clinic – Rehab – Home Health – Patient’s home). There is no integrated technology and hospital level care currently in the PAC process.

To address this issue, Duxlink Health, a Florida-based company with its sister company Duxlink Health Technology, developed a unique technology platform, Interreality Care™ for the entire PAC continuum. It enables providers to deliver hospital level care, On-site (clinical services at patient’s residency) anywhere, and Online (Telecare wirelessly) anytime. “The results have already shown promises on both quality and cost of care. Working with Memorial Healthcare System, the fifth largest public hospital system in the U.S., the trial showed a 75 percent readmission reduction and $4.8M savings from only 112 patients.” extols Michael Shen, founder and Chief Medical Officer, Duxlink Health. “These high to super high-risk patients have multi-organ failures with average 5 admissions/readmission over 12-18 months. Some of them were told to go to hospice. With Interreality Care, we start seeing not only less readmission/ lower cost but also better quality life and survival”.

Duxlink accomplished this by addressing the core problem of healthcare, patient data and care delivery. “Collecting and monitoring data for on-time intervention in the post-acute continuum has been the most challenging step for hospital readmissions”, mentions Dr. Shen. He further explains that this challenge does not exist in many other businesses, like Amazon.

Our focus is to identify “the Golden Egg”, the timing for action, before patient getting worse, using Tele-Hospital Interreality (On-Site and On-Line) for On-time Care

When ordering something online, you can quickly find it by searching the data from million resources worldwide and get a fast delivery. However, with Duxlink’s Tele-Hospital platform, this issue can be addressed by collecting real-time data from hospital-grade devices, extracting data from variety systems, connecting data via Duxlink certified EMR, analyzing data using Duxlink Artificial intelligent and deliver on-time care using 3D mixed reality. “Our approach is, one, to identify “the Golden Egg”, the timing of intervention before patient getting worse, and two, most importantly, on-time intervention,” he adds, “using cell phone with an autonomous process in 2019”.

Comparing with technology or provider competitors in the market, Duxlink has its unique integrated Clinical and Technology (Device, IT and Data) Process in research-development-delivery for effective innovations. “During this paradigm shifting, the models and processes from both clinical and technical sides are constantly changing to optimize services on high risk/cost patients. The collaboration and integration of clinical and technical services require a short internal development cycle on daily basis.” Dr. Shen explains.

In a short-term, Duxlink has significantly revolutionized post-acute care, a huge market for better quality, faster access, and lower cost. In the long term, the firm is aiming at its mission “Bringing Hospital Level of Care to Patients Anytime & Anywhere”, the ultimate goal of healthcare, by innovating new technologies, such as microchips and expanding Interreality care. Now, Duxlink Health is selecting true partner(s) from many potential partners to expand its platform of Integration and Innovation throughout the U.S.

Duxlink Tele-Hospital

Sunrise, FL

Michael Shen, MD, FACC & CMO

Offers a unique platform with multiple patents to integrate clinical data, wearable/portable technologies and remote services to greatly reduce healthcare costs

Duxlink Tele-Hospital