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Laszlo Zoltan, Founder
As video streaming becomes ubiquitous, there is huge excitement around video resolution and targeted ad insertion. As a veteran in the semiconductor and digital communication industry, Laszlo Zoltan, Founder of DVEO, has led DVEO to deliver excellent technology products for data communications and streaming video catering to this spiraling demand for engaging digital experience. Today, DVEO provides solutions for data communications, providing video over IP solutions focusing on video MPEG and H.264 encoding, decoding, and streaming, streaming video and VOD servers for broadcasters, telcos, and media centric corporations.

As video streaming draws greater business value and cloud-based CDNs continue to be the major enablers of delivering engaging video experience, all DVEO streaming encoders are tested to work with all the major and minor CDNs. “By selecting a well-known streaming encoder brand, customers can be assured of a positive experience,” says Zoltan. DVEO offers unique and customized solutions such as stream delay with the ability to time delay more than 40 independent IP streams concurrently. Broadcasters and content owners leverage DVEO’s DelayServer IP to cost effectively distribute their video content across geographies so that viewers in different time zones can consume video in the right time slot.

The company also provides real time live video streaming and stream archiving services through its open source based encoders and transcoders delivering exceptional video quality and performance. DVEO’s transcoding services mitigate the challenges for content owners in delivering content through OTT, mobile, and Telco TV multiscreen services.

Beyond increased demand for video resolution, Zoltan notes that ad insertion in video streaming has been gathering steam off late. Catering to this demand is DVEO’s Targeted multistream ad insertion and delivery platform that takes content and viewer information into consideration for making informed decisions to provide the best video experience alongside providing monetization opportunities.

“One of our unique products allows remote isolated communities to capture over-the-air television signals and deliver them over IP,” points Zoltan.

One of our unique products allows remote isolated communities to capture overthe- air television signals and deliver them over IP

“We recently added ad insertion “markers” to our encoders so that Telcos can insert ads wherever the markers “trigger” ad events.”

Since inception in 2001, DVEO is focused on fostering long-term relationships by developing customized, inventive products that ensure customer success. “These products have then gone on to play influential roles in a range of unique systems for demanding professional applications,” says Zoltan. The success of these products can be attributed to the unique work culture and management hierarchy that supports agile development teams to build new technologies in an easy and efficient manner—with no cumbersome technology development procedures.

For instance, DVEO has developed a patented streaming error correction technique, an invention that Zoltan says, “Could revolutionize content delivery.” The patented algorithm achieves high quality real time video delivery across IP networks including wireless and public internet, correcting UDP packet loss automatically. The technique provides a cost effective means for customers to use public internet or dedicated connections instead of expensive satellite communication to stream real time video across multiple countries through congested IP routers. With the ability to accelerate the file transfer, “We are looking to license or sell the patent to a company that would make the protocol ubiquitous,” points Zoltan.

Having led DVEO through many transitions, Zoltan believes in staying abreast with current technology advances in the content delivery space to stay competitive in the market. “We intend to offer file transfer acceleration appliances to companies who have a need to move very large files securely and reliably over great distances,” concludes Zoltan.


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Laszlo Zoltan, Founder

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