DWS by Grupo Serban: Digitizing Workspaces with a Cultural Transformation

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Richard Cedric W. Poore, Americas Sales Director
In the realm of productivity and automation, there aren't many tools with the popularity, utility, and accessibility of Citrix. And, with the onset of COVID-19, digitizing workspaces through Citrix alone may not guarantee businesses a smooth sail through the turbulent enterprise arena. Instead, these organizations require a cultural transformation, coupled with their digitalization efforts, to merely sustain, let alone achieve success.

Consider the greater emphasis on security, which governs the technological and intellectual assets of an organization, alongside the remote working mandates issued by the nations worldwide. Even though Citrix is comparatively costlier compared to traditional VPNs, it proves its worth with advanced functionalities and security features. One of the main advantages of implementing Citrix is that it allows clients to shift components such as the Delivery Controllers, StoreFront servers, and SQL servers to the cloud. As a result, the time taken to manage, monitor, and keep the components up to date is reduced, and also it decreases an organization's technological footprint within their own data centers. Overall, Citrix solutions continue to remain incredibly powerful, but only if it is deployed appropriately. At this juncture, assisting clients to implement Citrix SaaS by understanding the exact needs of their business and helping them transform efficiently is DWS by Grupo Serban. The company increases visibility and simplifies management of all the users, apps, desktops, data, endpoints, and devices within the Citrix ecosystem by creating a digital workspace for clients.

As part of Citrix's partner ecosystem, DWS provides the licenses and technology to clients, understanding a customer's needs in every vertical and offering a suitable solution for them. "I want to just listen. We consider that a better approach to engagement would be to ask clients what their difficulties are, what repercussions they have, what effects those consequences have, and what the issue will be from the perspective of their customers. We then suggest a technical solution to this challenge from a functional standpoint rather than a technical standpoint," elaborates Richard Cedric W. Poore, Americas Sales Director of DWS. The company believes that to digitally transform using new technologies, businesses need to first culturally transform their organization. In this regard, DWS talks with its clients and determines whether or not they require cloud services, on-premise or hybrid-cloud solutions respectively, in turn maximizing their ROI. DWS offers Citrix solutions that are viable to clients' usage; for example, they provide banks with a cloud service that is paid for by each use, which is cost-efficient as opposed to maintaining a massive data center. The company proposes an efficient plan for digitizing a workplace by making Citrix solutions compatible with think client, tablets, and many more that remove the need for large PCs at a point of service.

We are listening to our customers, we are listening to the technologies and the market and we are going to build the product in terms of this external input

Ultimately, DWS's strategic approach results in significant cost savings and greater efficiency for clients. Richard explains the value of this proposition with a recurring scenario, "If you're just getting started with new technology, we can incorporate this new technology or solution based on an assessment; and, there are two types of domains to consider when it comes to services. One benefit is that we can supply the solution more effectively, and another advantage is that we can keep track of all services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and present reports to clients on a dashboard." To top it off, DWS prioritizes security while delivering solutions to clients, which is critical in the current work-from-home environment. The company's solution runs on Microsoft Azure, and with Citrix in the mix, it covers all security aspects, and clients achieve the highest security for their business.

DWS offers key services to organizations such as desktop as a service workspace, infrastructure for the cloud, and tech support, including networking functions as well. The cherry on top for these services is the company incorporates intelligence into it making it more efficient. "So, rather than just providing Citrix licensing and settings, I sought to create a solution, a business solution that includes Citrix Licenses," states Richard. One such example which was efficient in the current pandemic situation is 'Face to Travel.' Implementing facial recognition software, DWS developed this solution to reduce the physical contact between a traveler and staff, all the necessary information, including the ticket, is integrated into a database. All a staff had to do was scan the face of an individual, and they will receive the relevant information of the traveler.

The company is transforming its services based on a client's need by providing 'X'aaS, where X can be Citrix, security, storage, or disaster recovery functions. "We offer various infrastructures as a service, we provide the technology built on Azure, and you pay us for a component of the solution, which is our services, that you can pay for as you go," states Richard. The company along with its innovative solutions, services, and customer-centric approach, is assisting clients to achieve the best possible outcome from their digital transformation while also caring for the planet's environment.

DWS by Grupo Serban

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Richard Cedric W. Poore, Americas Sales Director

DWS by Grupo Serban assists clients in implementing Citrix SaaS by understanding the exact needs of their business and helping them transform their organization efficiently. The company increases visibility and simplifies management of all the users, apps, desktops, data, endpoints, and devices by creating a digital workspace for clients