DXC Technology [NYSE:DXC]: Leading the Era of Digital Transformation

Thomas Ian Johnson, Global Oracle Leader Drivers of economic change are constantly moving, but the last two decades have proven unprecedented in the shifts taking place within companies large and small. The advances in technology made possible by innovative software platforms, enhanced hardware, and mobile capabilities are continually shaping the digital transformation era. However, not all companies are well-prepared to manage a digital transformation, due to pressures on capital and human resources. But the need to update infrastructure in a way that meets the new desires of customers is critical to enterprise success, especially as industries become more saturated with quality competition. Having a partner in the realm of digital transformation is a crucial aspect for companies across all industries.

In April of this year, two leading technology companies came together in an effort to provide top of the line enterprise services and solutions to businesses embarking on or continuing their digital transformation journey. CSC and HPE Enterprise Services formed DXC Technology [NYSE:DXC] to deliver exponential value to clients and industry partners as an end-to-end IT services company. As digitalization continues to be less of a choice but rather a requirement for businesses to remain successful in their space, DXC is uniquely positioned to help enterprises identify and implement the right solutions to achieve desired business outcomes both now and well into the future.

A Rich Heritage of Excellence

Thomas Ian Johnson, Global Oracle Leader for DXC Technology, explains the long-standing heritage of the newly formed company, stating, “DXC has more than 6,000 clients spanning over 70 countries, many of whom have been with the company for several years. These close relationships have provided insight into the challenges CIOs and CEOs face in moving toward digitalization as an enterprise.” Putting itself in the position of information technology executives, DXC understands that the pressing objective is to respond to changing business dynamics in a swift but efficient way. There is also a need to deliver cost effective solutions to the business without compromising operations and company growth. However, DXC also understands the CEO’s perspective, which is often far more focused on generating revenue growth, bolstering customer advocacy, having access to the right analytics and insight, as well as planning for strategic acquisitions and investments. DXC Technology recognizes these often competing mindsets found within large enterprises, and its digital solutions work to permeate the entire business with cost, deliverables and desired business outcomes at top of mind.

Even though companies recognize the need for efficiently priced solutions that drive noticeable business outcomes, today’s large companies are met with obstacles surrounding the best method to embrace and begin a digital transformation.

We can provide the most appropriate solution to the customer, and because we are independent, we are always able to do what is best for them

Johnson states, “Many customers want to make a move to a digital infrastructure, but they are either unsure how to do it or have stalled part way through the process.” DXC Technology understands that each business has a different starting point on their journey, and DXC meets each enterprise customer where they stand today. “We take great inventory of where the customer is, their vision for what they want to achieve in the future, and the resources they have to get there,” says Johnson. From that starting point, DXC is able to develop a roadmap for clients that truly fits their digitalization needs and overarching business requirements. This customized assessment gives the company a clear idea of where savings can be garnered, and how those savings can be used to implement a digital transformation to meet ongoing business needs.

DXC Technology is known for being a recognized Oracle partner, and its team has been offering various services and solutions to enterprise clients through a plethora of Oracle platforms. Migrating processes to a digitalized infrastructure takes a different shape for each business DXC works with, but being an expert in the Oracle space while remaining platform agnostic helps bring together the right combination of systems to meet company requirements. Johnson states, “We can provide the most appropriate solution to the customer, and because we are independent, we are always able to do what is best for them.” Each business customer receives a proper proposal that includes not only rationale as to why a certain service or platform is being recommended but also the immediate and long-term implications of that solution. The process of developing the right plan of action for the business offers transparency and collaboration, no matter where the customer is on the digitalization spectrum.

Johnson explains that the partnership with Oracle is beneficial to DXC customers in several ways, including the ability to provide cloud-only, on-premise only, and hybrid digitalization solutions that drive business outcomes. DXC works with Oracle on a strategic level, evaluating specific industries like financial services and healthcare, to clearly identify what is taking place in those verticals. Based on joint analytics and ongoing conversations with industry-leading executives, DXC and Oracle together create solutions tailor-made to solve the problems businesses face.

Success with Oracle Platforms

DXC Technology has helped many companies achieve success in the digital era, including a recent one with a major health trust in the UK. The customer approached DXC to better understand its needs for finance, procurement, and budgeting applications, and to uncover the best-fit solution.
Through several assessment workshops, DXC was able to realize the benefit of having Oracle applications running on an Oracle cloud platform. Johnson states, “The solution started with the finance side of the business, and as we deliver on that piece of work, we are being asked to pick up other projects to create a well-rounded, efficient system.”

"DXC is able to develop a roadmap for clients that truly fits their digitalization needs and overarching business requirements"

Similarly, DXC had the opportunity to work with a utility company to better understand its system and process state. Through a detailed cloud assessment, DXC found the company had several licenses that were no longer relevant to the business and hardware that no longer served its original purpose. The utility provider recognized substantial savings in shifting away from those unnecessary business components, and DXC was able to update business platforms and traditional services offered by the company in the process.

Thriving on Change

The area of technology services continues to shift as consumer demands change and enterprises adapt. DXC Technology believes that the move toward digitalization in business processes and systems is equally challenging and exciting, and each team within the company thrives on being at the forefront of those adaptations. Johnson states, “As business models shift, the company must also shift, and that means we have to be agile.” DXC is able to deliver on its promise to enterprise customers through a strategic partnership ecosystem that includes Oracle but also external technology service providers that offer innovative solutions. “DXC knows where its capabilities and capacity to deliver are strong, but the company also understands that tapping into the abilities of skilled partners gives our customers a more robust solution that is truly agile.”

DXC Technology has a strong foundation of delivering customers excellence not only in the solutions implemented but the services that go hand in hand. Johnson explains, “DXC does not have team members simply sitting in a silo; there is a rotation process for employees so that they can experience other aspects of DXC solutions, from design and implementation to sales and ongoing service support.” With this multi-faceted approach, DXC is able to harness the strengths of each team member for the benefit of the customer.

The company has a strategic three-year vision that it began implementing shortly after its formation, which is clearly focused on delivering more business outcomes to customers. Johnson says, “We don’t need to chase every platform or potential solution available in today’s market, instead we want to demonstrate that the solutions we offer are resonating deeply with customers to meet their unique needs.” DXC is working to expand its capabilities in each sector of the market it touches through investments in innovative technologies, such as machine learning and business process automation. Additionally, the company is keenly focused on making the migration to digitalization quicker for its customers without sacrificing business operations or bottom line in the process. Johnson concludes, “The company’s vision for the future is rooted in change, but we remain focused on making a significant, positive difference with how our customers embark on their journey toward digital transformation.”

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