DXi: A Winning Approach to Optimizing Online Conversion

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi, Founder
Today, digital marketers and UX professionals alike are focused on running tests that will increase the conversion rates for online sales. However, their current methods of either depending on their intuition or post-mortem analytics data to create better hypotheses is no more proving to be the best bet to achieve the same. Additionally, the elements involved in the new age, such as heavy and dynamic e-commerce websites as well as complex behavior of visitors make it challenging for marketers to run any analysis. The massive amount of data is just too difficult to segment and analyze and find out why a specific customer did or did not buy a product. Searching for a solution is also a cumbersome task for the stakeholders involved—not because of the dearth of solutions but due to the availability of numerous tools that promise to achieve differing goals. This is where DXi steps in with their unique proposition. The system of “Scores.”

The thinking was simple; if each of these aspects is translated into a score, it can help measure and improve a business’ growth. “Everyone is trying to solve the same issue, but what makes us unique is our ability to achieve the same goal, but with a mathematical simulation of the subjective problem,” smiles Dr. Srinivas Kilambi, founder of DXi.

DXi or Digital eXperience Index is the concept of quantifying a subjective behavior and arriving at a score of 0 to 100, rating the possibility of a visitor buying a product or a service through the website. DXi enables this ability through predictive analytics, powered by machine learning (ML) and the company’s proprietary advanced algorithms.

Through its solution, the company handles the data of websites and the visitor behaviors by directly taking it from different sources including Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or structured data shared by its client and stores them in a CSE file. DXi then removes the outliers on cleansing and normalizing the data. This ready-to-use cleansed data is then processed through a series of 25 ML algorithms, reducing the metrics to a definite number with the assessment criteria that matters.
These metrics could include the total number of visits on a page, amount of time he/she viewed the page, number of pages visited, types of videos watched, number of searches, exits, details on new or returning visitors, and many others. The result of the processed data through the algorithms and the final set of metrics are combined in DXi’s proprietary algorithm to produce a DXi Score based on the individual user activity on a mobile application or a website. Higher the score, the better is the level of user engagement, and a user will more likely buy a product or a service. This correlation between a DXi score and online conversions has been, in almost every case of DXi’s analysis, a direct 1:1 ratio. Typically, the traditional analysis offers insights after the event and hence, it is not possible to improve the current experience for a visitor. However, DXi gives businesses the ability to correct and enhance the user experience while the conversion is still active.

Everyone is trying to solve the same issue, but what makes us unique is our ability to achieve the same goal but with a mathematical simulation of the subjective problem

On feeding the score into its deep ML algorithms and generating deeper insights into its clients’ websites and customers behaviors, DXi offers prescriptions or steps which support businesses to improve their scores and hence the conversion rates.

The platform can be easily integrated with Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, or can be used as a stand-alone system into which data can be fed; this data includes text, images, and videos. DXi is currently working to improve its integration abilities and the system’s capability to work with both structured and unstructured data. This technology that takes complex inputs and yet simple to use is a must-have for digital marketers to achieve the ability to correlate a visitor’s online behavior with conversions.


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Dr. Srinivas Kilambi, Founder

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