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Scott Cuthbert, CEO
The industrial construction market of oil and gas, mining, power generation, and refining is characterized by high risk, high reward, multi-year mega projects. Companies are spending billions of dollars, thousands of workers on remote job sites, along with managing a global supply chain while trying to bring some of the largest projects in the world on time and on budget. This calls for innovative yet pragmatic solutions, which is exactly what DXI Solutions is known for. “Our tools create more efficient business operations for owners and contractors,” says Scott Cuthbert, CEO of DXI Solutions.

Built by DXI, solutions like Project KPI Dashboards, Reverse Invoicing, Field Data Capture, and Contractor Management play an immense role in increasing the efficiency of operations in the construction sector. Project Dashboard is an excellent tool to view a high-level visual summary of project KPIs that help managers easily understand the progress and productivity of their projects. It instantly displays key changes in project metrics to managers, enabling them to make the necessary decisions with impressive speed. Field Data Capture deals with vast amount of operational/field data that is typically being captured in spreadsheets, or in pen and paper which is not only inefficient, but also prone to errors. The solution enables real-time tracking of labour, equipment, materials, contractor and subcontractor information for upstream companies. It serves as a direct link between the jobsites and the office, allowing users to capture high-impact, high quality data in a cost-effective manner.

The DXI Solutions platform, Uni-Engine, is capable to configure solutions to meet the unique requirements of clients. With advanced data management capabilities that unify data between all systems, this universal solution can be configured to meet any company’s requirements. It enables DXI to tailor a solution to a specific customer or project in a fraction of the time compared to the traditional software development.

The success story of Macro Industries is a case in point. The mid-sized pipeline and facility construction company found themselves without a process to manage their labour, equipment, materials (LEM) and third party billing requirements.
Macro’s administrative staff was managing this difficult process by relying on manual calculations and spreadsheets that drained time, money, and resources. DXI customized their xSite solution to track LEM and to deliver the information Macro Industries needed for their third party billing. With that, Macro Industries had a standardized process in place to provide quick LEMs and milepost tracking, which gave them more time to focus on improving productivity. DXI

For construction owners and managers who want to be in the business of construction, we provide tools to create more efficient business operations that eliminate paperwork

Solutions has also developed the Scaffold Management System (SMS) in partnership with Atlantic Pacific Equipment, better known as AT-PAC, which offers complete scaffolding solutions. SMS is a secure web application integrated into a SharePoint framework. This allows all users to access critical real-time information based on user access credentials. After spending only a few months configuring the Uni-Engine, SMS is able to track the global movements from manufacturing, delivery and erection of scaffolds, track labour, materials, and productivity for a $30 billion project in Australia. The development and deployment of SMS on projects in Australia stands as a milestone for DXI, displaying their capabilities, expertise, and resources to create similar projects with other owners and contractors in the industrial sector.

DXI Solutions aims to be a global leader in construction management software by changing the way companies develop and deploy software solutions. “Our passion is solving problems, so we assemble a team of ‘out-of-the-box’ thinkers who believe that technology is a platform that can reduce the headaches, and frustration of contractors and owners, when used properly,” denotes Cuthbert.

DXI Solutions

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Scott Cuthbert, CEO

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