Dydacomp: Innovative Order Management Systems for Apparel Retail

Fred Lizza, CEO
The apparel retail space is dealing with multiple sales channels.The inventory to sales ratio is becoming the most important determinant of industry merchandize margins. “The task at hand is how to fulfill all the orders that are coming through different channels, and how to have the right amount of products in hand by the deadline,” remarks Fred Lizza, Chief Executive Officer, Dydacomp. Based in Parsippany, New Jersey, Dydacomp was started by people who were in the retail space, and who needed a system to automate their back office.

The need was simple but the solution was not. The challenge was to get real time update of orders received, and bring it all into a unified workflow. “Our products automate the whole process right from collection of orders, picking, shipping, processing payment, tracking inventory levels, keeping customer service people up to date,” explains Lizza. Dydacomp provides on-premise and cloud based solutions for retailers in order to automate the omni-channel interaction. This enables retailers to look beyond traditional, expensive ERP systems. “We provide best of breed alternatives to the ERP system,” adds Lizza. “It is cost efficient and enables the customers to grow bigger with fewer people than they would need otherwise.”

Transparency and integrity are two traits that are apparent in the working of Dydacomp. The apparel retail business is surrounded by a myriad of supporting industries–Ecommerce, accounting systems, drop shippers, third party fulfillment houses–and there needs to be top-notch communication among these organizations. “Partnering with these organizations requires being honest about what our product does and what we need their products to do,” elucidates Lizza, “working together, there is a need to ensure that each of us do our share of work in order to effectively connect and provide maximum benefit for our mutual customers.”

Working on these lines, Dydacomp offers two kinds of software products – Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) and Freestyle Commerce. M.O.M. is on-premise software which allows customers to quickly receive inventory items, enter them into the system, right down to the individual SKU level which enables that product to get to the retail shelf faster.

We provide best of breed alternatives to the ERP system

Freestyle Commerce, on the other hand, is a new cloud based product of Dydacomp. This inventory and order management software system complements the client’s Magento eCommerce platform and Amazon. It gives insights on the client’s product performance, and peak selling periods. It has a fully integrated shipping functionality and built-in supplier management system. “These Order Management Systems provide automation of an order right from the time a customer places the order–to delivery and payment receipt for that order,” Lizza summarizes.

These products are designed to handle the current market trends. For example, retailers are increasingly using drop shippers or outsourcing the management of inventory to third party performance centers. Chasing Fireflies, a children clothing apparel retailer, was able to increase their sales using Dydacomp’s Order Management System to automate their operations. “It led them to grow their business very rapidly and created a lot of value for them, enabled them to then turn around and sell their business at a significant valuation,” explains Lizza.

Dydacomp is focused on innovative solutions for omni-channel retail/sales. Mobile devices have a big role in omni-channel as many apparel retailers’ customers are shopping using mobile devices. “It’s certainly in our vision that our solution runs on servers over the internet, via the cloud, in mobile devices, and is accessible to all of these channels,” concludes Lizza.


Parsippany, NJ

Fred Lizza, CEO

Providing on-premise and cloud-based solutions for retailers and fulfillment businesses for expanding their eCommerce presence and automating back office operations.