Dynamic Quest: Managed IT Services-A Competitive Advantage when Driven by Strategy

Javier Gomez, CEO
“We founded Dynamic Quest when we realized how many businesses underestimate the strategic value of their IT,” begins Javier Gomez, CEO, Dynamic Quest. Many companies think of it as an interchangeable commodity—something that is necessary but offers little in the way of strategic power to help them achieve their business goals. Dynamic Quest sets out to make their customers aware that an optimized IT environment is not just a nice thing to have, but a real competitive advantage.

“We noticed that even companies that appreciate the productivity that a good IT system brings with it, often find it necessary to deal with multiple vendors to get the mix of hardware and services that best fits their needs,” says Gomez. Therefore, the company brought together the best experts; formed partnerships with all the major players; and invested in building their own data center to offer their clients whatever capabilities they needed: managed IT services, security, cloud computing, software development, data analytics, business consulting, and backup and recovery services.

Dynamic Quest’s managed IT services solution, QuestCare, offers comprehensive IT support at a fixed cost. While different packages address different needs, they all provide strategic oversight that help a company achieve its goals. “What this means is that we review, analyze and document the existing state of a client’s IT infrastructure. We form our recommendations always with an eye on their business goals,” says Gomez. "Any IT company can send a break/fix team; our services are always aligned with the big-picture objectives of the business as a whole," he adds.

Clients seem to appreciate this approach. “We are proud that 99 percent of our clients choose to stick with Dynamic Quest for their IT needs,” says Gomez.

Of course, one of the defining features of technology is constant change. Companies today are very interested in transitioning from a traditional, unstructured CapEx financial model to a budgeted OpEx model. “We support both these models and so are able to serve clients in whatever way works best for them,” says Gomez.

We are proud that 99 percent of our clients choose to stick with Dynamic Quest for their IT needs

The technical aspects of this change are not huge hurdles, but the transition does impact the day-to-day technology environment and therefore calls for deft change management.

For securing data from natural or unnatural disaster, Dynamic Quest delivers QSync, an image-based backup and disaster recovery solution, to back-up and secure data. It provides redundant equipment on the client-site for enabling them to launch a virtual image of any servers being backed up. “This allows our team to get our clients back up and run as fast as possible by restoring things to a normal functioning state,” says Gomez.

Dynamic Quest also offers its clients all the benefits of cloud-based services. “We give you the power of cloud computing without investing in expertise or equipment,” says Gomez. This will allow companies to use their time and resources to further the business goals instead of dealing with IT issues.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of Dynamic Quest’s service offerings is their business consulting operation. The business consulting (rather than sticking to simple IT management) is an indication of their unique approach. “We recognize that IT is never an end in itself, but always a means to propel a company ever closer to achieving its business goals,” says Gomez.

As part of their short-term goals, the company has plans to release three new service related products and expand their footprint in different regions. Dynamic Quest is constantly adding more technology innovations into their own data center, which includes faster switching equipment, latest security concepts and SAN equipment that’s faster and more reliable. “We view innovation as part of our job duty so that we can better support our clients’ needs today and tomorrow,” concludes Gomez.

Dynamic Quest

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Javier Gomez, CEO

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