Dynamic Systems: Cost-Effective Solutions to Update Federal Agencies with Technology

Mardi Norman, President & CEO
Digitalization and new technologies has brought efficiency to the work table of Federal agencies. However, budget constraints are forcing these agencies to do more with less, and settle with age-old technologies. Dynamic Systems, an El Segundo, CA based company addresses these problems with cost-saving solutions based on high performing Engineered Systems and server consolidation that allows CIOs to meet their increasing budget demands while achieving significant ROI. Engineered Systems offers complete support solutions for the database, applications, business intelligence, consolidation and virtualization—more than any other product or technology that enable public sector customers to meet their stated objectives.

Engineered Systems are engineered, configured, tuned, and tested to maximize performance and eliminate implementation time. They go through extensive testing to ensure optimal performance, compatibility, and elimination of single points of failure.

“These systems are configured in an identical manner. The consistency helps the government to combine the experiences of all the users who are engaged in their mission critical applications. This translates to huge cost savings and increased performance for public sector customers,” says Mardi Norman, President and CEO, Dynamic Systems.

One of the company’s recent offerings, the Oracle M6-32 SuperCluster, is based on Oracle’s largest, most complete “Big Memory” server to leverage the long-standing security, RAS, and virtualization capabilities of the Solaris operating system as well as unmatched data-transfer performance. Dynamic Systems designed and implemented an efficient technical Proof of Value (POV) for a Department of Defense (DoD) client using the M6 SuperCluster. The POV provided critical insight within the client’s architecture to meet the organization’s integrated application and process needs.
“The synergy of running Oracle software on Oracle hardware is where they realized the greatest cost savings and performance enhancements—we do it better than the peers in market,” says Norman.

Another DoD agency client of Dynamic Systems, was using an outdated asset management system which consisted of manual processes across multiple distributed data sources, with multiple (and sometimes conflicting) stakeholders. The result was no centralized management of the growing enterprise baseline and its associated rising costs. Dynamic System offered its Asset Management Services (AMS) solution to maintain the client’s install base of over 12,000 devices in over 30 locations around the world. The solution consists of a heterogeneous, virtualized platform of hardware and storage hosting an integrated suite of “best in class” applications for Enterprise Asset Management and Service Desk capabilities. It provided a centralized enterprise management console to manage and maintain thousands of IT assets distributed across the separated locations. Through the implementation and utilization of AMS, the DoD client saved up to 30 percent of their $40 Million Software budget in the first year alone by eliminating redundant and unnecessary software licenses.

As Public Sector clients face challenges to manage their support service contracts and provide a single point of contact across multiple OEM’s hardware and software, Dynamic Systems has developed a cloud based web service, Contract Management Center (CMC). It consolidates clients hardware contracts and software licenses in one place, there by gaining visibility into contract details, track IT assets, manage budgets, coordinate technology refresh, audit contract renewals, and generate reports.

Over the years, Dynamic Systems has turned into a one-stop shop for the federal agencies from defense personnel, finance, and logistics systems to state agencies, offering its mission critical applications to help them save budget, and increase reliability and performance. “We will continue to architect solutions to increase performance for our customers and provide the right products to meet their business needs,” says Norman.

Dynamic Systems

El Segundo, CA

Mardi Norman, President & CEO

Dynamic Systems designs custom solutions for federal agencies to address the IT infrastructure and data center challenges