Dynamic Technology Systems: Technology Innovation To Maximize Mission Critical Success

CIO Vendor When it comes to government contracting, competition is very high and there is a definite need for absolute focus on innovative technological and cost competitive solutions, coupled with an unfettered focus on quality and assurance. These are the underpinnings of a long-term customer-contractor relationship. Dynamic Technology Systems, Incorporated (DTS) is proof-positive of the potential for a seamless working relationship between Business and Government. Founded in 1986 by Homer Petitt, Jr., the company is headquartered in Alexandria, VA and is currently headed by Brian K. Petitt, President and Chief Operating Officer.
DTS stands on its Mission Statement: “Product and Service Technology Innovation - Maximize Customer Mission Critical Success.” This innovation driven IT firm is focused on providing solutions in two major mission critical support areas— integrated eBusiness Solutions (IeBS) and Audio Visual/Information Technology (AV/IT) Solutions and Services. Petitt believes that all systems and system designs should start with a thorough understanding of the end-user. DTS uses agile software development concepts, an industry-based project management approach and business process re-engineering strategies, to deliver comprehensive enterprise IT solutions to its Clients. “On every project, it is our commitment to the Client’s long-term goals, and our understanding of the Client’s needs that dictates the technology and service that we seek to apply,” he says.
DTS’ longevity and success in a continually changing market can be attributed not only to the value it brings to its clients but to its corporate belief and approach toward doing business which is founded on its “Strength through Integrity, Excellence through Individuals and Growth through Innovation” model.

“On every project, it is our commitment to the Client’s long-term goals, and our understanding of the Client’s needs that dictates the technology and service that we seek to apply,”

This core belief and operating model is one of the primary factors which assure DTS’ success during times of federal budget cuts and sequestration. DTS also has a focus on establishing strategic, long-term relationships with both Clients and partners. As with any small business, DTS faces competition from many emerging companies whose sole aim is to make fast cash in the short-term. DTS takes the long-view, giving priority to relationships while providing their Clients with customized end-to-end solutions.
DTS’ application of technology and innovative approach was highlighted in the aftermath of the 9/11 incident. Under contract to the Department of Defense, DTS designed and built an off-site emergency response center at a Federal site in New Jersey with the purpose of this facility being that, in an event of yet another catastrophe in New York, the Federal government would have the ability to switch over all command and control requirements to a nearby facility with identical capability. “As integrators, it was our job to bring together various regional agency capabilities into one new state-of-the-art operational facility, adds Petitt.Going forward, DTS looks toward a managed expansion of well-targeted opportunities in the federal space, and to growing and customizing its infrastructure to support such an expansion. Thus, Dynamic Technology Solutions looks poised for a very exciting and successful future.

Dynamic Technology Systems

Provides product and service technology innovation to maximize customer mission critical success