Dynamics Connect: Connecting People Dynamically

Rickard Hansson, CEO
The Microsoft Inspire event this year concluded on a high spirit, as Satya Nadella, CEO of the Redmond giant outlined a $4.5+ trillion-dollar opportunity for Microsoft partners to take advantage of its innovations. Among the 17,000 global partners that attended the annual conference, one company that stood out with their innovative offering is the Playa Vista, CA-based Microsoft partner, Incentive Inc.

The question is, ‘What’s so innovative about it?’ Rickard Hansson, the CEO of Incentive Inc. answers,
“Our product, Dynamics Connect is the only fully embedded global communication platform on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides seamless team communication and collaboration.” There is a clear rationale behind Dynamics Connect gaining much traction at the Microsoft Inspire event. Dynamics Connect is built around the whole Dynamics 365 platform, enabling users to communicate with each other regardless of their sales or marketing contextual. According to Jim Brisimitzis, General Manager for Startups at Microsoft, “Dynamics Connect, with its unique approach to Microsoft Dynamics 365, has the potential to have a significant impact on the way users collaborate.”

Powered by Microsoft Azure, Dynamics Connect helps teams using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to be more connected, productive, and innovative. Users can collaborate with any entity in Dynamics 365. This enables superior connectivity as co-workers are just a click away to connect and communicate. Users also have access to Dynamics Connect regardless of the part of Dynamics 365 they are using, providing them access to all the users at any time. Incentive launched Dynamics Connect early 2017 to overcome the quandary that the Microsoft Dynamics users faced in connecting and collaborating with fellow workmates. While allowing employees to interact with each other seamlessly, "Dynamics Connect integrates all the features that support collaboration and work as Swiss-army knife,” adds Hansson. This range from instant messaging to video calling features. Furthermore, the tool allows users to integrate all their relevant Office 365 data such that they don’t miss out on the context of a process or conversation.

Dynamics Connect is the only fully embedded global communication platform on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that provides seamless team communication and collaboration

Users can leverage the task and project management features to organize all of their work in one place where everyone has the visibility and access, and communicate in real-time and stay connected at every step of the way.

Dynamics Connect has partnered with companies like Sikich, Plus Consulting, and 4th Quarter Solutions to expand the reach of their solutions. “Our partners introduce Dynamics Connect to their clients and patch it to their Dynamics 365 platform. Also, they help customers in the implementation, configuration, and training phases,” mentions Hansson. Incentive Inc. recently announced that Dynamics Connect can be used by the Microsoft Power BI users as well. With this, Microsoft Power BI users can collaborate with other Power BI and Dynamics Connect users in any Microsoft Dynamics 365 application. This delivers a continuous and contextual experience with team chats, co-authoring documents, sharing files, delegating tasks, and social networking in any dashboard. From their Dynamics Connect add-on in Dynamics 365 platform, users will now be able to create embed codes to add as web content in PowerBI dashboards.

"No matter what you have in front of you, Dynamics Connect is always there for you to involve your team, solve challenges, and move your work forward without ever leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365," Hansson signs off.

Dynamics Connect

Playa Vista, CA

Rickard Hansson, CEO

Dynamics Connect enables users to collaborate around any entity in Microsoft Dynamics 365 through instant messaging, video calls, document collaboration, shares, and integrations

Dynamics Connect