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Krassen Draganov, Co-founder & CEO
Although the alternative asset industry has come to be equipped with modern financial tools offering effective evaluation and forecasting, there remains a serious need for software that can perform advanced functions such as tracking deals, reporting, and managing investor relations. Spearheading these innate necessities of the alternative asset industry is Dynamo Software, a leading provider of cloud-based, industry-specific, configurable asset management and reporting software. Powered by deep industry knowledge and client centrism, Dynamo has been a catalyst of productivity in the fundraising, deal management, investor relationship, and portfolio management sectors worldwide.

Driven by continuous growth and innovation, Dynamo has come to offer a wide range of solutions catering to private equity firms, real estate investment firms, hedge funds, endowments and more.. Dynamo’s products are characterized by automated streamlining of communication, fundraising, reporting, and more. Seamless integration of the products with Microsoft Office and third-party accounting software and data aggregators, high configurability to adapt to the specific needs of the clients and comprehensive security protocols, enabling a quick and easy exchange of sensitive reports. “Dynamo not merely offers high-end products to the clients, but enters into an extensive partnership with them, making our product suite a complete end-to-end platform. Each solution Dynamo offers is fully configurable to align with each client’s unique operational workflow,” states Krassen Draganov, Co-Founder and CEO, Dynamo Software.

Dynamo’s product offerings are composed of extensive in-depth solutions for fund managers and asset allocators. Some of these core solutions include Client Relationship Management (CRM), which manages all aspects of the firm’s relationship with clients and renders high-quality services. The company's Deal Management solution expands deal possibilities, efficiently pushes the probable deals through the pipeline using features specific to alternate investment methodology and tracks the deal sources to help the client understand the sourcing of best opportunities. Dynamo’s Reporting solution offers more than hundred industry-specific reports and enables users to create unique reports through an ad-hoc reporting engine.

Dynamo not merely offers high-end products to the clients, but enters into an extensive partnership with them, making our product suite a complete end-to-end platform

In addition, the Due Diligence solution enables clients to maintain and improve their due diligence process through seamless integration, powerful advanced search engine, and advanced relational capabilities.

Dynamo’s solutions are proof of its continuous commitment to resolve the challenges of the alternate asset management industry. As cybersecurity threats have become a significant issue in the capital market, Dynamo has come to provide impenetrable cybersecurity with two-factor authentication, SOC2 reporting, encryption, ethical hacking, and hosting in a private cloud. The company simplifies and organizes major compliance processes, including FATCA, Form PF and much more to meet diverse and complex compliance mandates. Alongside cybersecurity and compliance, Dynamo has also been in the forefront of resolving the challenge of standardizing reporting by offering core report booklets and ILPA formatted templates.

Dynamo's effective role in optimizing the productivity of the alternative asset management industry can be witnessed by its management of over $1 trillion in assets. As the company moves ahead, it is committed to expanding its geographical presence. Having already established its offices in U.S., U.K., and Bulgaria, Dynamo recently established an office in Singapore to serve the APAC region, providing a clear sign of its intentions. As a company fueled by high ambitions, Dynamo looks forward to making an impactful announcement in the month of October, thus, providing a clear validation of its continued commitment to growth and product innovation.

Dynamo Software

Watertown, MA

Krassen Draganov, Co-founder & CEO

A leading provider of cloud-based industry-specific, configurable asset management and reporting software

Dynamo Software