DynEd International: Individualized Learning With Interactive Software

Co-founders: Douglas Crane, Lance Knowles
Global companies operating in multiple geographies spend a lot of time and treasure training their workforce to communicate effectively and efficiently in English. Poor communication can manifest itself in an event as catastrophic as an air disaster or as insidious as quietly losing customers to a competitor. At the same time, these companies spend little time measuring progress, tracking costs, and improving efficiencies in their English programs, all of which would drive down costs.

When effective English communication is imperative, DynEd International delivers results. Founded by a team of language teachers, engineers and artists, DynEd’s courses cover all English proficiency levels and include a range of age-appropriate courses, for kids in schools to adults in leading corporations, airlines and vocational schools.

When a system of teaching is based solely on human capital, the results are inconsistent. When it is based solely on technology, it is not engaging and motivation is difficult. And as time passes, it quickly becomes ineffective. The answer is blended learning. Based on the latest neuro-scientific research in how people learn, DynEd's blendedlearning approach to courseware design and client support has made it the leader in Computer Assisted English Language Learning (CALL).

In a world where English is nearly always taught as knowledge, DynEd approaches language learning as a set of skills to be practiced and acquired, with students following a suitable learning path and training schedule. By seamlessly blending in the human touch of trained coaches, DynEd provides the personal practice needed by learners to master English communication skills.

DynEd Pro is supported by professional coaching, which can be delivered in-person or virtually. This cost-effective blend of technology and classroom accelerates language mastery, increases student motivation, and builds confidence. All cloud-based study data is analyzed to produce the system’s health metric which will alert program managers immediately when learners lag behind.

DynEd's English solutions are used in the Aviation industry to develop a level of oral English fluency that can be relied on in times of stress and unpredictability. This ensures that concerns for accuracy do not interfere with or delay pilot and controller communication when it matters most. A major benefit for airlines is the elimination of costly pilot downtime, since pilots and controllers may use the DynEd system anytime, anywhere with only periodic teacher/class support online or offline. About 80-90 percent of the English needed by any employee is General English and this is the area that DynEd delivers the highest saving in time and treasure.

Today, DynEd is the English curriculum used by over 9 million students in Turkish public schools for grades 4 through 8. In 2013 after six years of usage, the Minister of National Education extended DynEd to grades 9 through 12 with age-appropriate content. Schools everywhere are provided with an effective suite of English learning tools including software, tests, assessments and teacher training support.

DynEd has succeeded in developing the first comprehensive line-up of computer-based English language teaching solutions

DynEd Pro for Mobile brings the full suite of DynEd courseware to mobile devices, accelerating English language learning by supporting anytime/anywhere access with all study records synchronized in the DynEd cloud. With an impressive list of over 40 awards, DynEd courses have been approved by Ministries of Education in several countries, including France, Turkey and China.

In response to the global need for communication in English, DynEd has succeeded in developing the first comprehensive line-up of computerbased English language teaching solutions. Now DynEd is poised to shape mobile English language learning in the 21st century.

DynEd International

Burlingame, CA

Co-founders: Douglas Crane, Lance Knowles

DynEd International provides the most comprehensive lineup of computer based English language teaching solutions