e-Builder: Meeting the Needs of Builders through Construction Management Software

Jonathan Antevy, Co-Founder
The world economy is finally starting to recuperate from the fiscal slump of 2008, and numerous industries have started exhibiting growth statistics after a protracted period. The recovering economy is driving an increase in capital projects, including new construction and renovations to support growth. However, the approach to these projects post-recession is completely different–facility owners are extremely sensitive to project cost and even with complex projects and tight timeframes, they expect all waste to be eliminated from the process and costs kept as low as possible without compromising quality. Ron Antevy and Jonathan Antevy foresaw these challenges and the specific needs of facility owners and teamed up in 1995 to form e-Builder—a company that provides integrated, cloud-based construction program management software with an owner-centric focus in the construction industry.

The company designs software to manage multi-project construction programs throughout the various stages of planning, design and construction. The e-Builder Enterprise solution, an integrated cloud-based construction program management software for owners managing capital construction projects, is the core offering of the firm. The solution addresses the specific needs of the owners, from planning through occupancy. e-Builder Enterprise connects all of the internal and external stakeholders to efficiently manage contracts, communications and costs across all of the projects in the organization. “Organizations seek a solution like e-Builder Enterprise to more tightly control the construction process and mitigate the risks that lead to overspending or project delays for the facility owner. Owner organizations justify using a system like e-Builder Enterprise to lessen risks by enabling better project controls that result in cost reductions and time savings,” explains Ron Antevy, CEO, e-Builder.

The company believes the best way to stay ahead of the market and the competition is to listen closely to customers’ needs and keep them completely satisfied. There are various reasons why clients find e-Builder to be the best fit for their needs. First, the company is focused on owners and their specific needs to reduce risk, cost, and time to implement the projects. Second, e-Builder develops implements and supports the software all within the company so they can be extremely responsive to the needs of clients and the market.
Ron Antevy, President & CEO
“Our company answers to clients only; not to venture capitalists or Wall Street. We are also very responsive when it comes to incorporating customer ideas in the product. Our ability to get our clients’ solutions to market more quickly and cost effectively is a major differentiator in today’s economic environment,” pronounces Antevy.

Of the many success stories tied to the use of e-Builder Enterprise, the story involving Memorial Hermann Hospital System stands apart. Memorial Hermann is currently managing a $500 million capital improvement program. The size and complexity of the projects presented the hospital chain’s team with several issues resulting in lost productivity and increased cost. For example, since information was not organized in a standard and easy accessible format, the team had to manually locate and

Our company answers to clients only, not to venture capitalists or Wall Street. We are also very responsive when it comes to incorporating customer ideas in the product

provide project data requested by auditors. By implementing e-Builder Enterprise, Memorial Hermann was able to save 1,700 man hours in one year. Additionally, the process for paying invoices also presented a challenge for the facilities team. Now, the invoice approval and payment process is entirely electronic, along with other key business processes such as the purchase requisitions, contract approval and proposal review process.

“Our product is continually evolving and improving, and we depend on all of our customers for enhancement recommendations and guidance. Most of our product roadmap is focused on ease–of-use and productivity enhancements that we receive directly from our clients,” reveals Antevy. In the coming years, the company will continue to innovate to support facility owners in their goal to eliminate waste from their construction projects.


Plantation, FL

Jonathan Antevy, Co-Founder and Ron Antevy, President & CEO

e-Builder provides fully integrated, cloud-based construction program management software and focuses on meeting the needs of facility owners that are always performing construction projects (i.e., serial builders)