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Eric Sanders, Managing Partner
There’s an exodus of organizations that are migrating to the cloud as they move away from the traditional way of computing. However, companies face a looming concern in the form of an overwhelming availability of cloud environments. The predicament asks for a truly platform-agnostic service provider with real expertise around Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. To make the right recommendation of the best platform for the customer, Georgia-based eCloud Managed Solutions helps customers adapt and take advantage of the tools and services available while migrating to the cloud.

“Not only do we have the area expertise, our solutions and offerings are also compatible with all the cloud platforms,” says Eric Sanders, Managing Partner of eCloud. “You don't have cloud lock-in or vendor lock-in when you're dealing with eCloud.”

Whether the customer is on-premise or in a public cloud, eCloud typically starts with asking what the business drives, goals and objectives you believe you will realize by moving to the cloud. Typically the company has to reset expectations and educate the customer on what to expect during this cloud journey and operating transition. Next steps include an assessment to understand the layout of their customer’s environment and what applications or workloads they have. From there eCloud makes recommendations for the customer, making sure both parties understand the potential management issues and then figures out ways to better optimize the environment.

eCloud consults and guides their customers on what's the best for them based on their appetite for change and how their team would play into cloud adoption and migration to the public or private cloud.

eCloud’s customers have the option to move to the company’s managed services, which runs 24/7/365. In another offer for full monitoring and management, the company provides support services from the data center to the desktop, while extending to the hyperscalers. If the customer wants to outsource their entire environment, eCloud can become their IT support team as well.

You don't have cloud lock-in or vendor lock-in when you're dealing with eCloud

An attractive value for employing eCloud’s managed services is that, depending on the platform and technology their customers are leveraging, the company’s monthly or quarterly business review shows them any new trends happening within their environment or with the providers that make up their environment.

What sets the company in a league of its own is its ability to help a customer take advantage of a multi-cloud environment and to expand their private cloud into the public cloud. “We adapt to the current environment in their timeline and the level of risk that they want to take, and move into the public cloud,” says Sanders.

eCloud was the solution of choice for a customer that was fully on-premise, who had to make a choice of whether to make a large capital purchase or look at the options with the public cloud. The customer challenge is to pull data from multiple data sources, different data types and pulling the data into a data warehouse in the public cloud. eCloud pulled together different solution providers to get goals and objectives realized in the public cloud, and developed a serverless solution for the data warehouse that pushes data to Tableau for display.

To significantly change the company’s status with AWS and raise their own level of engagement, eCloud intends to have three AWS competencies, which will be Microsoft workloads, migration, and the AWS healthcare competency.

With definite plans of expanding in the central part of the U.S. and the West Coast, eCloud sets its sights on adding another area of proficiency in big data analytics. The company’s big plans include solving issues for customers on how to get data from different data sources into a data lake and ultimately being able to have a data warehouse serverless computing.

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Eric Sanders, Managing Partner

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