e-Con Solutions: Enriching CPQ through Smart Integrations

Peter Willemse, CEO
Generating quotes based on user-preferred attributes and creating visualizations of end-products can no longer be overlooked by sellers and manufacturers. While businesses gravitate toward configure price quote (CPQ) solutions that work in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics products, hardcoded integration between the two systems makes it challenging for a CPQ platform’s upgrade cycle to be in sync with Microsoft Dynamics’, which becomes increasingly important in a world where online systems are frequently updated with new functionality. Heralding a new era in CPQ by mitigating the integration pain points is e-Con Solutions—a trailblazer that has eliminated the need to manually extend hardcoded integrations. “We provide flexible and smart integrations between Dynamics and our system so that new functionalities in Dynamics are automatically available on our CPQ solution,” states Peter Willemse, CEO, e-Con Solutions. The company’s smart integrations significantly save costs, time, and efforts for enterprises.

Being a CPQ vendor dedicated to Microsoft Dynamics, e-Con’s solutions portfolio comprises e-Con CPQ for Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV and Dynamics 365. With diligently designed interfaces that are intuitive and user-friendly, e-Con’s products allow unparalleled flexibility with regard to product and services configuration, preparation of quotes, and smart pricing. Also, technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are available that predict clients’ preferences and requirements to facilitate smart pricing, which, Willemse opines, positively impacts the selling process. He further adds that the solution has been crafted to realize e-Con’s vision of being “easy to work with,” without compromising on flexibilty. Robust security and authentication protocols are employed to ensure compliance and maintain the highest standards with respect to safeguarding a client’s environment. Recently, e-Con’s offerings that were deployed for a U.S. Military contractor cleared intense security audits with ease.

While e-Con has offices in the U.S., the Netherlands, and Australia, the company maintains a strong presence in over 30 countries through an indirect business model that allows its partners to deploy solutions.

We perform flexible and smart integrations between Dynamics and CPQ systems so that new functionalities in Dynamics are automatically available on CPQ platforms

“We leverage our partners’ knowledge of the local laws and their ability to cater to clients’ expectations that vary between countries,” says Willemse. He also mentions that e-Con’s partner ecosystem accounts for over 70 percent of its business, which the company intends to boost further by being the easiest partner to work with.

e-Con’s modus operandi for gauging success involves achieving client satisfaction in line with its 28 key performance indicators that include time-to-market, scalability, cost-effectiveness, ease of operation, and upgrading to new features. Willemse mentions the case of a funeral company that took nearly two hours to prepare a quote by accounting for the variety of options that are available to each client. Once the company implemented e-Con’s CPQ, the time to prepare a quote dropped from two hours to ten minutes, saving enormous amounts of time for over 200 salespersonnel engaged in preparing quotes for funerals while additionally providing new services through a self service portalfor customers to customize all of their options.

Having scripted numerous success stories for clients like HEINEKEN, Howden, Gondella, and Modine, e-Con’s CPQ has over 11,500 users across 40 countries. The company intends to enrich its platforms further by adding more state-of-the-art features “to be more flexible and dynamic in collecting data” as a part of delivering smart integration benefits to clients. With its focus on the right areas, e-Con looks set to take the CPQ domain by storm.

e-Con Solutions

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Peter Willemse, CEO

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