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Andres Cifuentes, General Manager
‘Google Apps for Work’ has become a transformational force for several businesses no matter how big a company is, by helping them up the ante in their respective arena. Organizations that have closely knitted workforces, limited budgets, and small-scale exposure, are exploiting the multiple components of the Google stack in an enterprise context. This includes a broad spectrum of cloud-based web applications, including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms to name a few. To ensure smooth adoption, migration, and integration of these web applications into their organizational business models, Bogotá, Colombia based company, Eforcers is aiding the adopters of Google Apps for Work to overcome new challenges in the economy. “Google Apps for Work is a simple and effective means of communication fostering teamwork; Eforcers’ mission is to help companies in Colombia and Latin America take advantages of the tools and confidently face challenges as well as prepare for change management with the ever-evolving technology,” asserts Andrés Cifuentes, General Manager, Eforcers.

The company with its cumulative experience in developing, and customizing technology solutions for 14 years provides enterprises with consulting, planning, implementation, migration, integration, customization, training, and support for Google Apps. “Eforcers team takes an effort to understand the client’s needs and makes a tailored-plan to help them take advantage of the ‘Google Apps for Work’ platform,” explains Cifuentes. There is a constant focus on change management and support, with added attention to customer satisfaction and benefits.

Eforcers begins it’s service with an elaborate evaluation of the customer’s specific requirements, their current business strategies, and subsequently, the implementation of the actual ‘Google Apps for Work’ platform. When Eforcers realized the lack of adequate optimization features around these applications, they brought in a whole slew of indigenously developed solutions that complement Google Apps. CloudKey is one such product that facilitates customers employees to login to multiple user accounts with the same username and password. SignatureMonitor is another crucial tool that allows the use of standardized signatures in the email. Another offering, “Training Plan is a special customizable platform that helps companies conduct online training sessions with their own materials, content, and activities,” affirms Cifuentes.

The Eforcers team takes an effort to understand clients’ needs and makes a tailored-plan for them to take advantage of the ‘Google Apps for Work’ platform

With speech recognition and other machine-learning integration capabilities that Google offers, Eforcers augments the ‘Google Apps for Work’ ecosystem with localized content—that targets Colombia and Latin America—to add further value to their service. Eforcers has helped more than 500 companies—encompassing more than 600 thousand active users—across Colombia, Mexico, and Peru to onboard the cloud based Google Apps enterprise platform. In one instance, Alfa Group, one of Eforcers customers decided to make a paradigmatic shift in their operational model, and more importantly to promote collaboration. With the help of Eforcers, Alfa Group had proliferated their communication amongst the workforce as well as abstract entities, through Google tools. Reaping the benefits of an agile process chain, the customer had boosted their productivity, savings, and sales.

Eforcers large and diverse teams of employees include a crew of ‘Google Apps for Work’ certified professionals. “We have the experience and security for our clients, that ensures a qualitative and specialized service for our clients,” extols Cifuentes.

Eforcers has many plans to evolve and become a one-stop-shop system integrator for its customers. “We want to be the first company that our customers think of when they want to upgrade their processes using technology,” states Cifuentes. With a steadfast motto provided by Google, ‘Transform the way you work’, Eforcers will continue to be a game-changer, reshaping the norms of corporate interaction within Google’s premises.

Eforcers S.A

Bogotá, Colombia

Andres Cifuentes, General Manager

Provides consulting, planning, implementation, migration, integration, customization, training and support for Google Apps for Work ecosystem

Eforcers S.A