E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC: Simplifying Enterprise Asset Management Process

Jackie Luo, CEO
Over the years, Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software industry has been going through many revolutionary changes. Technological advancements like mobile technology, Cloud-based platforms, and business intelligence help organizations to get the most out of their EAM investments, smoothening the functioning of asset management. However, enterprises often face challenges in implementing operational and maintenance standards and practices to continuously improve the balance between asset reliability and costs. With the growing need to manage enterprise assets more efficiently to reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and manage risks, the present day organizations are seeking for an economical EAM solution, supporting unique business processes. Addressing the need, headquartered at Baltimore, MD, E-ISG Asset Intelligence is a leading asset management software and services company.

The organization’s anchor product, ‘eQuip!’ is a web-based enterprise asset management software system that analyzes assets and manages inventory efficiently. eQuip! helps in updating asset management process and to train the users to access the system efficiently. “We designed eQuip! with the capability to serve as a ‘platform’, connecting with other data sources, such as purchasing, IT service support systems, to sync the data,” says Jackie Luo, CEO, E-ISG Asset Intelligence.

By closely identifying present business requirements, eQuip! takes two different forms, Software on Premise and Software as a Service (SaaS). On premise, customers buy perpetual licenses and have the application installed in their own servers. As a robust platform it manages the fiscal and physical asset visibility to migrate data in common file formats like excel and Character Separated or CSV files. eQuip! on premise can be easily integrated with other applications via web APIs. On the other hand, eQuip! SaaS comes with cloud based deployment model. The equipment management challenges can be addressed quickly and cost-effectively with it. The customers don’t need to use any of their own IT resources. Additionally, the SaaS application is expandable to any smart phone, tablet or computer.

Furthermore, EAM has become more mobilized with eQuip! mobile application.
This iOS and android based native application can easily navigate the location of sites and equipments with its in-built camera barcode scanner. “The application can be used mainly to audit assets. Here the data is synced in real-time with the web application,” adds Luo.

"Every business organization has their own processing rules. Our software is customized and flexible enough to support their business processing,” conveys Luo. One of the company’s clients, Camber Corporation’s centralized government property management team was struggling to produce customized reports to support internal management and external audit, since they had to find data elements from different systems and sources. Camber is a provider of cyber, intelligence, and unmanned systems, engineering and technology solutions to the defense and space industry. The client required an EAM system with the capability to save time and generate customized report automatically. By analyzing requirements, E-ISG Asset Intelligence installed eQuip! enterprise asset management solution in their office sites. Additionally, the users were also trained to use the software. Eventually, the EAM system enabled them to access the data from their corporate intranet effortlessly.

We designed eQuip! to serve as a platform, connecting with other data sources, such as purchasing and IT service support systems, to sync the data

E-ISG Asset Intelligence has also partnered with various companies to offer end–to-end EAM solutions. These companies majorly provide ERP solution, asset tracking technology and system integration, inventory audit services, warehouse management, IT and telecom asset inventory services and fixed asset management. In the coming years, E-ISG Asset Intelligence plans to focus more on IT asset management. “We envision to focus on adding ‘simplicity’ and ‘value’ to customers’ systems with eQuip!,” concludes Luo.

E-ISG Asset Intelligence LLC

Baltimore, MD

Jackie Luo, CEO

Offers web-based enterprise asset management software system to analyze assets and manage inventory.

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