e-Spirit: Delivering Personalized Digital Experiences

Joern Bodemann, CEO
In the current business space, enterprises are adopting technology resources for delivering the right information at the right time to create personalized experiences with their customers. Today’s firms can repurpose their data—supported by a single Web Content Management (WCM) platform— and deliver a personalized and relevant online know-how that is consistently engaging across multiple channels. The latest WCM systems are streamlining business efforts by offering fully integrated solutions with a foundation to support multi-channel web experiences. This is where e-Spirit comes in. The company offers analytics to recognize the web investments that are most profitable while effectively driving higher user engagement. They concentrate their efforts on providing a rich platform to assist WCM strategies in an ever growing and maturing digital world.

Lexington, MA based e-Spirit offers complete WCM solutions by creating eye-catching websites, converting data for smartphones, and maximizing digital experience for customers across any device or platform. The company allows enterprises to unlock the value of digital data and transform the way of communication with customers and employees. e-Spirit utilizes their FirstSpirit content management system (CMS) to connect firms along with their people, systems and applications to the centralized, real-time data and assets, required in publishing information with absolute accuracy and applicability through all channels and devices. FirstSpirit is also utilized to generate exceptional consumer participation, for success-oriented digital marketing, omni-channel marketing, and targeted content marketing. e-Spirit leverages FirstSpirit to offer its customers complete services for managing corporate websites, mobile sites, engaging e-commerce platforms, and enterprise portals with high user acceptance.

In addition, the company’s product build upon the backbone of FirstSpirit, the Corporate Content Cloud provides a balanced set of intuitive tools and capabilities to bring ease-of-use and more efficiency to decentralized teams, creating and optimizing customer experience. The product is an enterprise-ready, cloud-capable content engine that is private, secure, and able to automate and scale the delivery of accurate information across all channels and devices.

Our product puts customers in charge of their content and allows them to be consistent, agile, and proactive at all times

The solution also enables organizations to link all their internal and external data sources, best-of breed technologies, and proprietary systems, needed to deliver personalized customer experiences across all touch points.

e-Spirit’s product further assists consumers by making content more accessible, targeted, and valuable. The solution enables users to create omni-channel digital customer engagement programs built around a team of industry experts. “Our product puts customers in charge of their content and allows them to be consistent, agile, and proactive at all times,” says Joern Bodemann, CEO, e-Spirit. “It also gives them a strong basis for innovation and the ability to more efficiently target new markets and business models.”

With an extended clientele spanning across various industry verticals, e-Spirit has helped a number of organizations by leveraging the capabilities of its FirstSpirit solution in CMS. In one such instance, an eminent customer of the company was facing problem in reviewing and publishing content on various HTML pages due to increased volume of data. FirstSpirit CMS implemented an integrated a platform to manage internet and intranet projects quickly while designing the maintenance process. The efficient content maintenance functionality enabled considerable time savings in the editing process which resulted in more up-to-date information.

Along with their efforts on delivering the best WCM software to customers, e-Spirit also focuses on building ERP and CRM software. “We have consistently driven innovations that benefit customers, such as class-leading usability and easy integration with portals, back-end systems and cloud apps,” adds Bodemann.


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Joern Bodemann, CEO

Enables clients to unlock the value of digital content and transform the way they communicate with customers and employees.