e-Tech Simulation: The Training is Simulated, the Skills are Real

Jairo Rivera, VP of Global Sales and Jairo Leiva, President
Jairo Rivera, VP of Global Sales at e-Tech recalls how the company acquired some national training institutions across Latin American countries as its first few customers. These institutions were looking for an efficient and cost effective way to train their students for operating equipment used across port, oil, and other industries and sought e-Tech’s support for the same. At the time, some customers knew very little or nothing about simulation, and the ones who had some knowledge did not have the best experience with this technology. This inspired e-Tech’s vision of developing and providing real solutions with simulators for customers’ needs throughout the region. Having started with high-end simulators, the firm gradually realized the ever-changing customer demands and later developed mid-range and entry-level simulators for varied needs and budgets of customers. “We use different types of simulator components and customize them as per the client’s varied requirements. In addition, we continue adding several services such as curricula/methodology development, train-the-trainer courses, amongst many others to help our customers achieve their goals,” says Rivera.

e-Tech also offers turn-key-solutions the company calls DIESeL (Dynamic Instructional and Educational Simulation e-Lab), which is designed considering the infrastructure of training centers, the number of trainees attending the training sessions, and the particular training objectives of the customer. DIESeL focuses on the methodologies and curricula of the training courses to attain the client’s training goals. If needed, e-Tech also helps their clients in selecting the potential trainers for the training courses.

e-Tech employs a consultative approach so before onboarding a customer, the company first develops an understanding of their training requirements and objectives. “We also ask them about the type of training they carry out, their long-term goals, the number of people they need to train along with the issues that they want to deploy the professionals for,” adds Jairo Leiva, President of e-Tech. Sometimes a good operator needs to be trained to become a trainer; therefore, the company provides “train the trainer” courses to help such operators evolve into capable trainers.

Delivering a wide range of solutions across different industries with local support for all types of budgets is the key differentiating factor for e-Tech

Working with all types of trainers and providing them with tools that will help them achieve their goals is the key differentiating factor for e-Tech.

Another factor that sets the company apart is its wide range of solutions with simulators for different industries. e-Tech provides solutions to their customers across construction, mining, ports, and many other industries within its portfolio of entry-level, intermediate, and advanced simulators to ensure that their employees effectively operate the machinery. Apart from the simulators, e-Tech also provides subject matter experts who help clients in decision-making while hiring new employees as well as training those professionals.

Over the years, e-Tech has assisted a multitude of companies across industries to efficiently carry out the training sessions using their high-performance simulators. One of these is CASER, a Chile-based training company, that e-Tech has helped gain a foothold in the market.

e-Tech has expanded its portfolio to the defense industry with its newly developed Artillery Simulator, which has already gained international recognition. Currently, e-Tech is working on a new generation of simulators, which will soon be available in the market. Rivera believes that it will extensively benefit the customers and address their wide range of challenges. Additionally, the company expects to increase its global footprint starting with the Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Working toward this vision, the e-Tech team is rigorously analyzing the requirements of these regions to address them effectively in the long run.

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Jairo Rivera, VP of Global Sales and Jairo Leiva, President

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