Travel Experience Elevated through Augmented Reality

Sebastian Juarez, CTO
Augmented Reality (AR) technology is making inroads into the various aspects of human life and traveling is no exception. Enabled with the AR technology, travelers are relishing the experience of visiting a foreign place with full confidence. However, challenges in terms of cost due to expensive roaming charges and abrupt internet connectivity can take the fun part away from their travel experiences. In an unknown place with little or no grip over the local language, the scene can turn worse. Addressing these pains for travelers is the travel guide apps company, eTips, that offers AR-driven apps enabled with built-in intelligence and relevant information about landmarks and places. Covering over 600 destinations across the globe, eTips offers specialized landmark guide applications for the Apple devices that help travelers to understand their surroundings better without having to depend on any other resource.

eTips offers a plethora of AR-driven apps for various destinations, museums and interesting places spread across the globe. As a perfect travel partner, travel guide apps from eTips enable the traveler to better understand the cities, landmarks, and locations they visit. The content-rich apps pertaining to travel recommendations, metro routing, and AR inform the traveler about restaurants, hotels and other hang outs in the near location through the mobile phone. These travel apps are cost efficient as these apps run in offline mode. All the user needs to do is to point the mobile device to a location and the information pops up on the screen in quick time. “Our AR-based apps provide metro maps, local audio, daily-based itineraries, city maps, with safety tips and estimated cost in the offline mode,” says Sebastian Juarez, CTO, eTips. A large section of eTips’ customer base comes from the non-English speaking part of the world. To this end, the company offers support its non-English speaking audience. The company also offers Travel Guides on the Kindle platform for various global destinations.

eTips leverages its inventive technologies such as AppPress, AppControl, AppPromote and AppDiscovery to build an engaging experience for the traveler.

Our AR-based apps provide metro maps, local audio, daily-based itineraries, city maps, with safety tips and estimated cost in the offline mode

Tailored for localization and regionalization, AppPress forms a publishing platform that lets content developers to focus on content essentials rather than spending time on the technical aspects of publishing. AppControl helps users to update their content and receive the notification regarding the same. With the ability to add more promotions to each of eTips’s apps, AppPromote helps in catering to the diverse needs and interests of the customers. Finally, AppDiscovery provides the analytics pertinent to traveler behavior and it assesses user interest for promoting the destination offers to the other travelers.

eTips enhances its apps with an added layer of travel information that depicts interesting places in several maps. As the apps are GPS compatible, travelers can find out the place quickly and find the best way possible to their destination. As AR technology comes to mobile platforms, eTips gets the impetus to broaden its market reach through intuitive and immersive visual traveling experience.

For the future, the company is looking forward to populate the modern app store with travel destination apps that are currently not there in the app stores. eTips can also be expected to bring its travel apps to Android and Windows platforms. As the world increasingly shifts to mobile platforms for their online search, eTips is bullish they can cover all the destinations in the world with their intuitive AR travel guide apps.


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Sebastian Juarez, CTO

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