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Edtech has introduced new and novel ways to educate children during the pandemic, but it’s not enough. Today's unprecedented situation requires schools to initiate home-schooling, something that institutions were not prepared for, for several reasons. Limited access to WiFi and devices, lack of effective communication, and the need for prolonged screen-times have overwhelmed families and teachers, causing school dropout rates to skyrocket. That’s where E1 Technology comes into the picture. The company is a mission-driven startup with a great passion for education, supporting K12 students throughout their academic journey via their fascinating and absorbing learning platform. With it, the team at E1 Technology is revolutionizing the way kids learn and excel in the digital world, providing students with all the materials they need to be successful when studying at home for their classes and when doing their homework.

“We share the responsibility to fully re-think how education should be delivered,” the company says. “E1’s goal is to increase graduation rates by providing K12 students with online education resources to help them complete their homework, practice skills and prepare for their exams. By providing students with high quality educational resources and guidance we hope to increase their possibilities of success during and after their educational journey.” E1 is helping 11 Million registered students with homework and exams and is looking to expand student-centered solutions for learners in underserved communities.

Innovation at its Core

The philosophy and guiding principle behind E1 Tech’s innovation is that children are better engaged with hyper-contextual learning, customized for studying at their own learning pace, with gamified content and adaptive tools. “We make it possible through a data-driven value proposition, using algorithms designed to provide the best possible education pathway for each student,” the company says. For instance, E1 has launched an interactive math game to help students develop math skills. A level-based gamified experience, this enables students to practice arithmetic operations and win points and badges to unlock new subjects and complexity levels. This has successfully attracted more than 1.3 M users in just five months.

E1’s strategy has always been to build up its value proposition around students’ needs, being an ally helping them with homework and exams, and providing free and hyper contextual content that they can access anywhere, anytime. “We are building up a data-driven education platform that will facilitate us to provide the best interactive and personalized content for our students so that they can learn at their own pace,” the company says. “Based on daily data, using algorithms designed to provide the best possible education pathway for each student helps us to find relevant solutions and features for education.”

Making an Impact

E1’s differentiation strategy has always been to build its value proposition around students’ needs. To this end, the company makes hyper-contextual content creation to help students with their homework and exams and operationalize constant market research about the evolution of student needs, user customization, UX/UI, and gamification. Further, they also have a best-in-class, long-tail SEO strategy that understands how students commonly look for academic help on the internet.

Our goal is to fill the gaps in traditional education to reduce massive school dropouts through a variety of digital resources including textbooks, games, learning lab, tutoring, answers to textbook questions, explanations and exam-prep resources.

“We want to make an impact in the lives of millions of children, helping them continue their education by providing them with the best learning tools to have a brighter future with better opportunities for their professional and personal development,” the company mentions.

He further mentions that E1 Technology is investing both human and material resources to bring innovation to the organization. A new round of hiring has focused on acquiring highly skilled human talent with the expertise necessary to design and implement various enhancements to the existing platform to serve students better. “Recent additions of education, technology, marketing and partnership specialists will allow us to approach the enhancement of our current offer in innovative ways,” the company states. Each of E1’s current enhancement projects is developed through agile pods made up of interdisciplinary teams to build the best possible solutions and test their effectiveness with its users.

Building a Connected Edtech Ecosystem

E1 is currently undergoing an extreme makeover plan that includes a series of enhancements and additions to the website. “Some of the upcoming expansion projects we are working on include the development of a gamified self-study learning lab, a tutoring platform, enrichment courses and a dashboard to follow-up on student progress,” the company mentions. Through this, E1 aims to create an ecosystem that generates value for parents, students, and teachers, ultimately covering the current needs of an education system in crisis due to a worldwide pandemic.

Having carved a unique niche, E1 plans to expand to support children’s education in different parts of the world for the future. To achieve it, the company is building an interdisciplinary team capable of designing a customized experience that helps students enhance their learning journey based on their individual needs and interests. Platform enhancement strategies include an enrichment program through various high-quality partnerships, an AI feature for students to ask questions whenever they need to, and a tutoring platform they can access on-demand. Further, E1 is developing a platform that will pair its 11 M students with the best-suited tutors (1-to-1). At the same time, it will provide question-based solutions giving immediate responses to endless questions. “We’re connecting with partners and vendors in the edtech ecosystem that can complement our educational offering and accelerate our product development and global expansion,” the company concludes.

E1 Technology

San Francisco, California

CarlesCabre, CEO

Our goal is to fill the gaps in traditional education to reduce massive school dropouts through a variety of digital resources including textbooks, games, learning lab, tutoring, answers to textbook questions, explanations and exam-prep resources

E1 Technology