e2o Health: Addressing Compliance in Healthcare with Innovative Solutions

Sunny Saran, CEO
In the ‘age of information and data’, the healthcare industry has gone through significant changes in terms of its way of operating and the overall healthcare quality. There has been a sense of recognition among industry leaders for a unified service provider who, along with understanding the latest trends, can incorporate them into an easy and accountable solution.

Since the introduction of The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health(HITECH) Act in 2009, the healthcare industry has come a long way in terms of adopting Electronic Health Records (EHR). “Today, with more than 80 percent of patient’s health information on EHR, privacy has become a major concern for healthcare organizations,” remarks Sunny Saran, CEO, e2o Health. Being an extremely regulated industry, there are many laws, which govern healthcare, such as the HIPAA compliance that mandates every healthcare organization to protect the privacy and security of their patient’s health information. “We at e2o Health understand the privacy concerns of both our customers and their patients, and provide a comprehensive solution which helps them comply with all the HIPAA mandates,” Saran adds.

“Every week there's a major HIPAA violation by large organizations. So, we designed our product HIPAA Watchdog that allows organizations to comply with the law as far as HIPAA is concerned,” states Saran. The services offered by HIPAA Watchdog include secure email, employee training module, various compliance modules including a security risk assessment and risk management, and monitoring of all remote infrastructures. Organizations can now get alerts, education, and develop policies and procedures.

Organizations can even track and manage their Business Associate Agreements (BAAs). They also help implement various other initiatives like the ICD-10, Meaningful Use and the Patient Quality Reporting System (PQRS). With data now being stored electronically, e2o Health helps unify them while using Big Data to build an analytics system, which not only provides better care, but also helps them comply with various quality metrics of the healthcare organizations.

We understand the privacy concerns of both our customers and their patients, and provide solutions which help them comply with all the HIPAA mandates

As a testimonial to their services, Saran quotes one of their larger clients, LA Care Health Plan where they implemented their flagship product HIPAA Watchdog. “LA Care works with a community clinic consortium called the Community Clinic Association of L.A County (CCALAC) to support the community clinics with HIPAA privacy and security risk assessment,” explains Saran. e2o Health helped provide HIPAA compliance services for 27 large health centers in LA County, all of which have multiple clinics. With their product HIPAA Watchdog, they were able to comply with the requirements in a standardized approach and used it as an effective tool to manage the necessary HIPAA compliances.
Owing to their proficiency in this field, LA Care extended e2o Health’s solutions to be adopted by several hundred small practices throughout LA County to help them comply with HIPAA requirements.

Recognizing that most of the healthcare organizations are grant funded and are not for profit, e2o Health has managed to build solutions that automates the compliance requirements of HIPAA at a very affordable price, so that it can be used to comply with the requirements without causing additional burden on their existing staff. With their focus on helping organizations improve their patient care by providing the solutions that they do, e2o Health plans to expand HIPAA Watchdog throughout the country now that they have catered to several thousand healthcare organizations in the California bay area.

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Sunny Saran, CEO

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