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Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President, Products & Strategy Be it retailers, franchisees, or independent sellers, companies today depend on their supply chains to create long-lasting customer relationships that the present demand delivery economy requires. A well-managed and integrated supply chain gains pivotal importance when it comes to enabling enterprises to provide distinctive and excellent customer service. As innovation and disruption incessantly transform the business environment, the need to turn data into intelligence in an instant comes to the fore. In addition, the insight into evolving and varying customer demands helps companies adjust rapidly to the market and improve their overall bottom-line. By understanding that agility and sustainability drive profitability, E2open creates a more connected, intelligent supply chain to help companies optimize and harmonize their business.

It all starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply, and delivery constraints. By bringing data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers, and logistics partners together, E2open’s collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables enterprises to use data in real-time. Also, the company leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to facilitate smarter supply chain decision-making. The company delivers the consolidated business data to its customers in a single view that encompasses their demand, supply, and logistics ecosystems. E2open helps companies not only oversee their end-to-end supply chain from a single intelligent platform but plan, enable growth, incentivize performance, and reward results as well.

At the Forefront of Innovation

E2open’s premium supply chain platform—Harmony®— offers a modern and intuitive user experience that integrates all workflows and analytics on a ‘single pane of glass’ to foster convenience and efficiency. The company has recently enhanced its intelligent application suites marked by end-to-end process orchestration. The network for the digital economy, E2open has expanded the use of AI to help customers make better decisions, mitigate business risk, capture new opportunities, and constantly improve productivity. The continued expansion of field-proven AI across the platform along with innovations, such as deep learning, form the core enablers for the company to capitalize on the wealth of data.

We offer one platform to meet client needs at every stage of their supply chain journey, from improving functional performance to complete digital transformation

This combination of advanced AI, end-to-end data, the widest breadth and depth of applications on a single platform become the primary requirements for operating the current agile and resilient supply chains. “We offer one platform to meet client needs at every stage of their supply chain journey, from improving functional performance to complete digital transformation,” says Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President, Products & Strategy at E2open. The list below mentions some of the primary enhancements.

• Channel Shaping

Harmony® is now available with Channel Marketing Automation. This enhancement provides unified access to data as well as easy navigation across multiple applications, thereby facilitating business processes and analytics spanning the complete supply chain for better informed-decisions and improved responsiveness toward change. The new feature also provides a new partner locator capability that enables brand owners to seamlessly embed this feature in their website to help online visitors find partners who can supply the required products and services. While Channel Shaping enables increased revenues for the brand and the partners, sales performance incentives funds (SPIFs) drive the end-to-end partner rewards process.

• Demand Sensing and Business Planning

Advanced deep learning and AI algorithms supporting statistical forecasting improve accuracy by deriving meaningful patterns across multiple disparate data sources, including unstructured data. Also, supply planners can quickly identify product-specific capacity constraints before they become issues with new capacity utilization by item reporting. E2open has also enhanced visualizations for forecast locking within Sales and Operations Planning to simplify the complex process of collaboratively editing and locking plans across a multitude of aggregation levels.

• Global Trade Management

The new Easy Classification API harnesses the power of AI to automate harmonized tariff schedule (HTS) code classification activities by suggesting classification codes based on a product description. Additionally, E2open’s trade content team updated more than 10 million entries in the Global Knowledge® database helping trade compliance transactions utilize the most up-to-date content.
• Transportation & Logistics

E2open has introduced the ability for users to extract, publish, manipulate, and save TMS data in a personal workspace for greater efficiency, productivity, and improved user experience. Enhanced ocean geo-positioning capabilities with new data feeds improve in-transit visibility and the accuracy of predicting arrival times.

Harnessing the Power of AI

The pandemic-induced disruption has heavily disturbed relatively stable and cost-optimized supply and distribution operations. The importance of resiliency is now more than ever. Resiliency plays an instrumental role in helping businesses rebalance their supply chain to thrive in the face of frequent disruptions. Realizing that AI is the only way to grasp a full picture of end-to-end supply chain realities, make connected decisions, and realize goals quickly on a large scale, E2open has presented a new, intelligent approach to tackle complexities brought about by the past year. The company equips businesses with agile and resilient decision-making capability by leveraging AI in supply chain.

Data as well as proven, purpose-built embedded AI dedicated for supply chain form the prerequisites to construct a pathway to digital transformation and enable the convergence of planning and execution. As the quality of an AI decision depends on the extent of the data available, E2open considers AI to be blind without accurate data. To this end, the company provides access to all the required data to make AI perform, thereby establishing real-time flows from internal, downstream, and upstream partner systems. Embedded AI, built specifically for the purpose of handling mission-critical processes and drawing on streams of data in real-time, serves as a foundation to support true end-to-end business decisions. With decades of field experience within many of the world’s largest and most complex businesses across various industries, E2open ensures that its offering is field-proven and tested in supply chain. Steering ahead, the company is perfectly poised to propel its customers toward continued growth.


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Pawan Joshi, Senior Vice President, Products & Strategy

At E2open, were creating a more connected, intelligent supply chain. It starts with sensing and responding to real-time demand, supply and delivery constraints. Bringing together data from customers, distribution channels, suppliers, contract manufacturers and logistics partners, our collaborative and agile supply chain platform enables companies to use data in real time, with artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive smarter decisions. All this complex information is delivered in a single view that encompasses your demand, supply, logistics and global trade ecosystems. E2open is changing everything