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Dr. Steve Else, Founder & CEO
Organizations that operate on a global scale often find themselves burdened with major gaps in communication and collaboration across data silos and are unable to determine the best practices to enhance their operations. These problems have created a resurgence of interest in the full lifecycle of enterprise architecture (EA), from design to execution to bring efficiency into the business operations. “However, questions such as how to implement EA, structure it, set up the resources, and finalize skills still linger,” begins Dr. Steve Else, a renowned innovator, and consultant in the enterprise architecture arena. Due to this, most organizations find EA to be complicated as it tackles a complex and ever-changing target line.

To help companies navigate this intricate arena, Dr. Else founded EA Principals (EAP), a leading boutique authority in EA training, consulting, and mentoring across the globe. EA Principals focuses on the architecture aspect of the EA solution and the scope of solving a problem by taking into consideration technological implementation, information, as well as the current and long-term goals of an organization. Offering a wealth of practical and academic experience, Dr. Else has been a Chief Enterprise Architect in both public and private sector organizations over the past 15 years and is also widely published. Dr. Else has also personally trained over 6000 professionals in Enterprise Architecture and has additionally taught over 60 graduate classes on EA. The extensive EA framework training designed by EA Principals provides courses in subjects such as TOGAF, DODAF, UAF, FEAF, ArchiMate, and IT4IT, while incorporating insights from other frameworks such as Agile, SAFe, and the PMBOK. “We are helping organizations predict the incremental value of their business goals in a reasonable time period so that they can make adjustments to their EA plans, scale it accordingly, and accelerate the implementation process,” says Dr. Else, CEO of EAP.

As a champion of TOGAF, EA Principal’s customized training program is segmented into two levels, foundational and practitioner, to help users scale their knowledge and track their progress.
The course provides users with hands-on experience in holistically tackling EA for large organizations, delivering services, sharing information, and implementing new technology as per business requirements.

EA Principals also offers intensive six month consultation and mentoring assistance to help organizations enhance knowledge, skill, system maturity, and communication. The company further adds value to its training programs with data collection forms to help organizations gain information on end-to-end problems, activities, and resources required to improve their business operations. Based on the collected information, EA Principals aims to tackle the challenge of customization according to the industry verticals and provide relevant feedback to the users.

Given the role of system engineering in the EA space, EA Principals is venturing into model-based systems engineering (MBSE) to create a standardized approach with their EA tools, methodologies, and mentorship. As for 2019, EA Principals is set to roll out an annual subscription-based mentoring platform, where users can go through the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels to incrementally evolve and evaluate their methodology and EA modeling knowledge. The mentoring platform has a performance feedback component and the responses are used to enhance customization and system maturity. In addition, EA Principals is rolling out a completely unique, customizable, Web-based forms system to help organizations rapidly adapt to the evolving ecosystems with an agile EA approach, systematically collect answers to key questions, and re-use EA approaches that prove most successful (i.e., create Architecture Patterns).

Today, with decades of experience, EA Principals stands as a prominent EA provider serving a niche clientele that has included the Department of Defense, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Fannie Mae, the United Nations, and myriad Fortune 500 companies. “We understand the value of experience and are creating a niche in EA by acquiring high-caliber talent experienced in strategy design, system engineering, business operations, and upcoming trends,” concludes Dr. Else.

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Dr. Steve Else, Founder & CEO

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