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Elizabeth Gerbel, CEO & President Year after year, the media, analysts, and technology vendors have presented speculations and opinions about the next ‘big thing’ that will disrupt the old industrial order, change the way people work, and even alter their thinking patterns. However, a fundamental question still remains unanswered. How often is change the answer or, more precisely, how much of it?

Sixteen years ago, Elizabeth Gerbel, CEO of EAG Services, started her consulting business, parallel to the advent of the ‘digital revolution’—a disruptive time period when most of the emerging businesses were enchanted by the potential benefits of the latest and greatest technologies. However, years later, the same market appeared to be considerably overwhelmed by the rapid inflow of technology and firms’ extensive dependency on it to excel. Gerbel believes that today, enterprises require a new perspective of practicing ‘technology with purpose.’ According to Elizabeth, bots, automation, and all the new technologies might not have a significant impact on an organization’s competitive stance if the right processes and foundation are not in place.

Based on this very ideology, and backed by vast consulting experience and the technical knowhow of the most complex industry segments—oil and gas—Gerbel founded EAG Services, a market-leading consulting firm poised to liberate the oil and energy industry from the shackles of technology overkill. Today, EAG stands as a trusted partner for upstream and midstream oil and gas businesses, delivering superior and cost-effective technological consulting, implementations and roadmaps.

Staying true to the specific needs of oil and gas companies, EAG currently serves a multitude of entities, enabling them to find the right technology for their business. The EAG team also suggests ways to optimize new and existing technology to better integrate with their systems while also increasing operational efficiency. Lindsey Mersman, Vice President of Business Development at EAG, states, “We follow a unique approach where we are marrying our skillset with our client’s needs to identify and execute the most effective path to achieve results. Sometimes that requires adding new technology to the mix, but often we find ways to optimize what clients already put in place, maximizing the capital already invested.” EAG prides itself on being more than just a provider for its clients by ensuring they maintain sustainable client relationships. As a result of which, today, the company stands as one of the most referred consulting independent consulting organizations in the oil and gas market.

The Differentiating Elements

EAG provides companies with technological assistance around accounting, land administration, midstream, production, and operations. The company strives to ensure that the processes of its clients are optimal from the beginning, with the right foundation in place to best support existing and emerging technology.
Lindsey Mersman, Vice President of Business DevelopmentLindsey Mersman, Vice President of Business Development

By collaborating with customers and going beyond the statement of work, EAG builds roadmaps and assessment reports for its customer’s current IT infrastructure or company vision and lays out potential development options. In addition to that, the company also identifies areas of risks in the pursuit of accomplishing the proposed changes.

Engrained in our core strength is our capability to build a strong methodology that has gradually adapted to the industry for the past 16 years as the oil and gas market evolved

EAG performs software evaluations for its clients where the company adopts the industry best practices and match those to client specific business requirements and determines the technological enhancements that are beneficial for their business. Lindsey says, “As a firm that is completely software agnostic, we are not directly aligned with any specific technology or software vendor. Instead, we help our clients review their landscape and determine the best use of existing technology or determine alternative solutions that suit the requirements of their business.” Once software is selected, the company assists its clients providing project management, functional business analysts as well as technical resources to implement the software and integrate it across the organization. In addition, EAG delivers robust training and ensure business processes and audit documentation are created to assist the company with user adoption and long-term project success.

EAG also proves its mettle in the evolving landscape of mergers and acquisitions within the oil and gas sector, where they stand as an active player specialized in the marriage of different technologies, data conversion, process and change management to ensure project success. “We step in and facilitate the transition between divesting and acquiring companies by managing activities and converting their data within a short timeframe. The goal is to get the client up and running with their new asset inside the TSA timeframe and giving them the comfort to trust the data and make it an integral part of their business,” explains Mersman.
By establishing a prominent market stature in providing services across the oil and gas landscape, EAG brings a unique methodology, documentation, and process definition that blends with a client-driven service model for successfully executing the customer’s projects. Mersman adds, “Engrained in our core strength is our industry specific methodology built over the past 16 years allowing us to accelerate project timelines and ensure success. EAG’s proven methodology has been adapted to meet the evolution of the oil and gas market, keeping us on trend and relevant with what is happening today.”

An Exceptional Work Culture

Since the company’s inception, EAG has been exclusively focused on understanding the deep intricacies and dynamics of the oil and gas industry. The company employs experienced resources that command in-depth functional and technical knowledge in one or more areas such as accounting, land administration, midstream, production, and operations. EAG is very particular about its employees’ competence and only hires candidates with relevant industry and consulting experience. “A large number of vendors hire candidates directly out of college or other industries with no experience and deploy them on an oil and gas project, where the customer is required to teach them about the industry and nuances, which the vendors are supposed to be experts in. We refrain from that practice,” states Mersman. The company prides itself in training and growing the skills of its professionals. Bringing multifaceted talent to the table allows EAG to be agile in terms of team structure and staying ahead of operational costs.

"We follow a unique approach where we are marrying our skill-set with our client’s needs to identify and execute the most effective path to achieve results"

EAG’s success is analogous to the company’s work culture and its people—considered to be the company’s number one asset. Mersman affirms, “We are a services company who deeply cares about our people. Our culture is extremely important and we take great care in supporting and growing our employees throughout their time at EAG. Employees are empowered to contribute and participate in the growth and evolution of EAG’s success.” EAG has a robust hiring process built internally for bringing in the ideal team player with primary traits of being hungry, humble, and smart empowering employees to be a client advocate and a respected advisor.

Behind the success of EAG’s track record and the company’s business prowess is the core domain expertise of Gerbel at play. The entrepreneur has set the vision for EAG where she drives the company with unrivaled dedication, ensuring that the organization does everything right by its customers. Even after being a CEO for 16 years, Gerbel closely manages EAG’s complex operations and project delivery. Gerbel further infuses her energy into the core of EAG’s business, which brings the best from the team, matching her excitement of delivering excellence. “Our employees have always felt empowered with a great work culture supporting them. Evidently, our market position is a testament to how passionately EAG’s team members feel about their role and their ability to impact change across clients,” concludes Mersman.

EAG Services

Houston, TX

Elizabeth Gerbel, CEO & President and Lindsey Mersman, Vice President of Business Development

EAG is a 15-year-old oil and gas consulting firm headquartered in Houston, Texas with clients around the nation. The company offers a full-scale consulting services ranging from acquisition strategy to software selections/implementations, and everything in between. EAG offers unrivalled service provided by the highest calibre of professionals with years of experience and specialized expertise in the domains of technology and its implementation in the oil & gas sector. Fueled by the mission to power its client's performance, EAG strives to understand its clients, putting a high value on its people and exclusively, hiring the best of the best talent for the team