Eagle Eye Networks: Video Security Simplified

Dean Drako, CEO
Today, organizations deploying security cameras seek out for features such as mobile viewing, instant alerts, off-premise video, longer retention period, and high reliability. According to Dean Drako, President and CEO, Eagle Eye Networks, “the cloud is an ideal technology to meet these modern video surveillance requirements.” Based out of Austin, TX, Eagle Eye Networks provides a cloud-managed video surveillance system that links analog and IP cameras with an on-site bridge or cloud managed video recorder appliance. The appliance then transmits the encrypted video recording to Eagle Eye’s cloud data center. The Eagle Eye VMS allows complete video management including live video, historic video search, camera controls, and video download and email. With Eagle Eye, users no longer have to worry about the security of videos with the Eagle Eye Complete Privacy Encryption that secures data and video by encrypting them during transmission and downloading from their Cloud. The platform’s Intelligent Bandwidth Management technology deals with the reality of limited bandwidth challenges by automatically optimizing with the available bandwidth.

Eagle Eye video surveillance platform stands out of the crowd with its first responder real-time video access that allows to pre-designate first responders, and which groups of cameras they can access during an emergency. Furthermore, the platform allows users to setup email alerts for important activities including camera malfunction, motion detection, and system tampering. As the system is completely cloud based, the user need not depend on DVR’s, PC’s or software devices to record and store videos. The Eagle Eye system is simple to deploy, and the cameras can be seamlessly added using the auto-configuration feature. “We handle all the video management, configuration, and all the IT related works, even the hardware failure, so that the users need not worry about these issues,” adds Drako.

The firm offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing, and alerts from a cloud managed platform.

We handle all the video management, configuration, and all the IT related works, even the hardware failure, so that the users need not worry about these issues

In addition, the platform comes with a set of centralized management tools that allows administrators to delegate access, customize user access, revoke access, and track user made changes.

The firm’s offerings are not just limited to the platform, they also provide consultation, camera selection, system design, training, installation, and support services. Over the years, Eagle Eye Networks has been providing innovative video surveillance solutions for various market leaders. In one instance Henry’s Wrecker Service-a professional towing service with impound lots in seven locations was often targeted with fraudulent claims of damage or missing items from vehicles while impounded. They installed surveillance equipment prior to moving to the cloud, but had difficulty pulling specific footage from each location when needed to protect the business from those fraudulent claims. Henry’s Wrecker Service decided to move to the cloud with Eagle Eye Networks Security Camera VMS. Now the firm can access footage easily and view all of their locations on one screen. Furthermore, Henry’s management team is now able to reliably access video clips from each of their locations from their cell phones.

Ever since its inception, Eagle Eye Networks have introduced various innovative features to their video surveillance platform. The firm recently introduced Eagle Eye Contract Vault- a complete cloud based system for recording and archiving video of important business transactions. Eagle Eye network will continue to focus on optimizing the platform and fortifying its security.

Eagle Eye Networks

Austin, TX

Dean Drako, CEO

Provides on-demand cloud based video management system for cloud and on-premise recording