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Juniper Networks is a provider of high-performance network infrastructure. Their innovation and singular objective to deliver fast and reliable data have changed the scale and speed of telecommunications. Juniper works with a set of select partners to deliver and deploy their new Juniper switches, routers, and phones with minimal disruptions to the day-to-day operations of its customers and clients. Eagle Network Solutions (ENS) is such a partner, which has won the trust of Juniper in recent years. The network solutions provider in cooperation with ENS’s premier engineering talent helps their premier clients keep up with bleeding edge technological changes and deliver faster information. ENS is a telecommunications, staffing and engineering firm focused on servicing government and commercial markets through their strong technical expertise optimizes these problems for the customers.

“Juniper is one of the biggest technology vendors with its 'new network’ security solutions, expertise, and vision. They are uniquely equipped to support an enterprise’s near-term and long-term security, routing and switching objectives,” says Chuck Boyer, Chief Marketing Officer, ENS. In this fast paced technological environment where computing power doubles every year and demand for data increases exponentially, Juniper leads the way through continuous innovations that speed up the delivery of data for its customers.

ENS is cognizant that while delivering innovations is important, many clients have considerable time, energy and talent invested in their old systems and many times will have a need to maintain and develop the existing infrastructure. “We have to keep in mind that there are clients with legacy products and they also need to be developed. As a company we leveraged our technological resources and expertise, to create a path for the clients to leverage their current investments and take their business to new heights based on the Juniper platform,” adds Boyer. ENS has found creative ways of leveraging and upgrading existing legacy Juniper products to deliver better performance without compromising quality.

ENS’s top-tier talent delivers reliable and robust solutions to the United States Government, Federal Prime Contractors and commercial enterprises.

We have to keep in mind that there are clients with legacy products and they also need to be developed

They provide a full suite of telecommunications staffing services along with engineering consultation, infrastructure design and strategic planning. “Our mission is to delight our customers by recruiting and retaining diligent, talented people with the drive to surpass our customers' demanding expectations,” says Wayne F. Walkley, Vice President, Eagle Network Solutions.

ENS provides services that spans across all aspects of Network design and implementation. Their service offerings include network architecture and design, convergent network engineering and implementation including VoIP engineering, testing, evaluation and virtualization. ENS has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to delight its customers and an example of this success is the project undertaken for Bank of America to maintain and upgrade their Juniper networks. Bank of America was very impressed by the resource identified by ENS and Juniper showed their appreciation by giving them the lead to help recruit and build a strong internal team of network engineers.

ENS’s current list of clients also includes General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, who engage in the most complex issues faced by the Missile Defense National Team, FAA and the Pentagon Renovation Program. ENS employees are an integral part of these teams and have helped GD and Lockheed implement complex network design and Cybersecurity solutions to those various Defense agencies.

As technology transforms at a rapid pace and everyone struggles to keep up, ENS delivers uncompromised quality of service with minimal disruption to end customers. For the road ahead, ENS is working towards maintaining an open communication channel with clients, to understand their pain points and deliver solutions that resolve their issues. “We want to create a complete B2B service organization that delivers premier solutions and system integrations for government and commercial entities by maintaining their cyber security and data management needs,” concludes Boyer.

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Wayne F. Walkley, VP, Workforce Solutions

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