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“We’re in uncharted territory.”

Bill Gates struck a chord with everyone as he commented on the struggles ushered in by the ongoing pandemic in the U.S. As enterprises continue to make efforts to mitigate cascading business impacts, cope with the pandemic-related economic downturn, and support employees working remotely, nature also seems to gang up on the country through a collaboration of catastrophes like the dozens of wildfires raging in California, the smoke emerging from the conflagrations, and the recent earthquake. While the nation is trying to contain the impacts of the colliding crises, these events have exacerbated challenges for businesses operating with distributed assets. Enterprises need to respond to these threats and disasters while also staying safe, keeping their employees and customers in the loop on what they are doing, and what is affecting their property. In a nutshell, time is of the essence to get a grip on such events. With crises stacking on top of each other, ensuring that organizations can maintain business continuity and recover from disasters is more challenging than ever. Business leaders need strong management and sound decision-making executed by constantly identifying, prioritizing, managing, and responding to multiple risks. A reliable risk management approach also helps companies safeguard the well-being of their people, clients, and other stakeholders.

This is where Earthvisionz is moving the needle. On a mission “to make the world safer and more predictable,” the Colorado-based company is empowering businesses with its risk awareness and dynamic location intelligence solutions that enable them to make critical decisions faster. Earthvisionz primarily caters to enterprises, across real estate, insurance, banking, transportation, and communications industries, that have remote workforces and distributed teams and assets. “COVID-19 and other series of unpredicted events impact all areas of disaster response and risk management. To fight this, we provide enterprises with a unique technology that combines several different aspects of geospatial technologies to help them with various responses—from disaster response to property preservation and restoration and maintenance. Businesses with dispersed properties need real-time business and risk management to make the right decision every time, everywhere and from any device. This is precisely what Earthvisionz brings to the table by mapping all their assets in time and space,” says Carla Johnson, co-founder and CEO, Earthvisionz.

Focused on Business Continuity, Asset & Portfolio Management, Emergency Response & Preparedness, Risk Management, and Field Operations Management, Earthvisionz has pioneered the capability to provide unlimited data, including live feeds, overlaid onto specific geographic locations, resulting in significantly increased workflow efficiency and productivity, decreased costs, and the ability for its customers to make timely and better-informed business decisions. Earthvisionz has developed a robust set of visual asset management and decision support products where assets are widely dispersed and up-to-the-minute data on those assets, by specific location, is critical for information sharing and decision making. “You can put your entire business through a satellite map command center so that everybody is looking at the same information at the same time. We can help companies assess changing conditions remotely with intuitive and easy to operate decision support tools” says Jeff Schott, co-founder and President, Earthvisionz. Altisource and Mortgage Contractor Services are two Earthvisionz clients who utilize the technology to better sever their banking and federal lending customers.

Make the Right Decision Every Time, Everywhere and from Any Device

At the core, Earthvisionz has developed a live-alert system and data visualization application that combines all the data an enterprise needs in one place—providing world-wide information at their fingertips. The SaaS-based platform called Visual Alerting System or V-Alert provides precise alerts to the clients who have uploaded their widely dispersed property network within the platform. Users can receive real-time business alerts, risk management alerts, and 140 types of severe weather and disaster alerts specific to a location. Clients have the power to upload their entire asset inventory to the satellite map command center and tag critical data to each property location. These specific alerts embedded with actionable intelligence helptask inspectors, response teams, and recovery personnel get on-site fast with the right expertise and equipment to repair the damage as fast as possible.

This helps lower insurance premiums, reduces claims and prevents more costly damage from occurring. Focused on making complicated information actionable, the platform pulls in real-time data about fires, floods, hurricanes and much more including movement of cases of COVID-19,and relays this data to operational professionals who take action on it. With smart analytics components embedded, this notification system has been instrumental in not only geolocating client assets on the map and keeping them informed about any threats to their properties, but also alerting them to take preparatory actions before a disaster to minimize loss.

Alongside, DriveTracker is another tool offered by Earthvisionz for route optimization and fleet management. This tool enables the clients to create a route that involves a large number of stops in a day for property inspections or other tasks. It includes logistics and real-time elements like weather or traffic. Once the locations are enlisted, the drivers’ locations are tracked and provided to the concerned employees back in the office. In case of any emergency or weather issues, the employees reroute the drivers in real-time. It is an aggregation of Google Maps that uses public and private feeds to provide the best data for the clients. In conjunction with these products, V-Alert and VAST are two essential tools offered by Earthvisionz. V-Alert is a real-time business and risk management map that manages live data with push alerts irrespective of the location the employee is working from, whereas VAST is V-Alert plus a broad range of environmental engineering solutions to help large organizations mitigate risk.

National Field Representatives was searching for a service that could help accurately depict Natural Disasters, snowfall totals, and general weather patterns to assist in proper planning and communication to our client's and field services representatives. Earthvisionz has not only exceeded our expectations in those areas, but they quickly adapted their algorithms to present Covid-19 data. This allowed NFR to manage our service areas and communicate to our clients effectivelyas to areas that were shut down to non-essential services. Earthvisionz was a key asset in keeping NFR’s clients up to date in real time, achieving the level of communication and service that NFR is known for.” - Fahem Islam,Senior Recurring Services Coordinator

The Inception and the Prosperous Future

Earthvisionz’ historical roots trace back to 1995 when Carla and her team of seasoned engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs built one of the world’s first virtual Earth content management systems for the U.S. Air Force, from 2002 to 2008, under the banner of Waterstone Environmental Engineering. Waterstone’s goal was to provide creative business solutions in environmental consulting (Hydrology, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment, and GIS) as well as geospatial consulting services. The idea was to help the pilots being trained and provide them with an interface whereby they could make smarter decisions faster through the element of location. While professionals were cobbling together solutions and systems for mapping and access instant information, Waterstone solved the challenge by presenting a platform that could bring all the data at their fingertips. It was only a matter of time until the platform gained traction and forayed into the commercial space. In 2017 when wildfires raced across California, causing historic levels of death, destruction and billions of loss in damages, Carla and her team established Earthvisionz and entered the property preservation, restoration, recovery, and property management landscape.

Carla, who brings years of experience in 3D geospatial modeling and specializes in technology, market strategy, and business development, joined forces with Jeff Schott, a media and advertising expert and former publisher of BizWestto lay the cornerstone of Earthvisionz. Currently, Earthvisionz serves clients involved in operations like property management, who need to acquire knowledge about things that can damage or threaten their residential or commercial assets. The company also caters to the needs of clients in public safety, who want to communicate with their customers to build a better relationship. Furthermore, the telecom industry utilizes the tools for internal decision making on where to locate towers, new equipment, and how to use it to understand environmental regulations, safeguarding themselves from fines. Level 3 now Century Link is one of the clients who has used the tools for accountability opportunity and risk management.

Putting theory into practice provides several successful examples of Earthvisionz’ approach to disaster recovery and risk management in action. A client associated with Earthvisionz was able to respond to disastrous hurricane Florence in 2018. Earthvisionz’ products helped the customer to trace the hurricane-affected and flooded areas, closed roads, and connect with their customers in real-time to alert them about the hurricane’s movements in precise relation to their assets. These products also allowed the client to leverage satellite imagery to help their customers assess damage before anybody else. The satellite imagery helped the client to locate not only the buildings in that affected area but also integrated information about the people in the building. This approach to disaster recovery not only saved losses but also bagged $100 million-worth of new contracts for the client.

Success stories, such as these stand testimony to the value Earthvisionz brings to its clients. With no plans of slowing down, the company looks forward to integrating AI within the tools as the amount of data inflow is increasing rapidly.


Boulder, Colorado

Carla Johnson, CEO, Co-Founder and Jeff Schott, President, Co-Founder

Earthvisionz, a boulder-based company, creates risk awareness and dynamic location intelligence solutions that enable companies to make critical decisions faster. The company has pioneered the capability to provide unlimited data, including live feeds, overlaid onto specific geographic locations, resulting in significantly increased workflow efficiency and productivity, decreased costs, and the ability for its customers to make timely and better-informed business decisions