Eastman Machine: Accelerating Efficiency and Speed through Next-Gen Cutting Tools

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Robert L. Stevenson, President & CEO
On the manufacturing floor, the cutting equipment that a company uses reflects the efficiency of their processes and operations. The furniture craftsman, for instance, would need a set of highly efficient and flexible tools to cut the wood with high precision. The same maxim applies to artisans in other industries too. Using the right equipment not only improves manufacturing process efficiency but also helps achieve the economies of scale. New York-based Eastman Machine makes industry-specific, bespoke machines, tools, and equipment to assist companies in their mission to achieve efficiency, high flexibility, optimization, and speed to market.

Eastman Machine’s products can be categorized into “manual” and “automatic.” Founded with a vision to add efficiency across industries, particularly in apparel, automotive, furniture, and composites where cutting equipment and tools are integral to operations, Eastman Machine today offers an array of manual and automatic machines to fulfill its vision. The automated cutting tools precisely and accurately craft-cut the materials regardless of the nature of the material, and have been engineered for low-to-high play cutting needs of the industry. Available in a wide range of lengths and breadths in terms of size and dimensions, its cutting tools and equipment are globally known to cut the hardest of the hard materials. Additionally, the accessories, when used in conjunction with the computerized tools, enhance the adaptability of the machine. This setup helps the production staff to achieve a streamlined process throughout.

Cutting-machines, in part, can improve workforce efficiency; however, they the workers often struggle to handle the material while managing or cutting them. To eliminate this hassle, Eastman Machine has come out with feeding and spreading systems, and carousel and roll racks to provide easy access to material tools. In a nutshell, the material handling tools are designed to feed a variety of heavy-weight rolled fabrics conveniently into the cutting table.

Using the right equipment not only improves manufacturing process efficiency but also helps achieve the economies of scale

Often, a cutting master faces challenges while marketing fabrics such as fiberglass where classical printing methods may fail to work. In such a situation, Eastman Machine’s airbrush marking system and conveyor immediately brings relief to the staff. The firm has also introduced a stack labeler that eliminates the need to employ staff for labeling fabrics at the end of the process.

Added to the lineup of hundreds of Eastman products, Eastman Machine offers a professional design suite of software with state-of-the-art features and many add-on capabilities. Intelligent and sophisticated software is designed to guide the new ways for decision-makers to enhance employee productivity while helping them achieve realistic goals with a better outcome. The firm boasts of an excellent talent base dedicated to supporting their clients with installation, troubleshooting, and servicing all aspects of the automated systems. Eastman Machine believes that the key to building a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with customers lies in providing excellent services to customers.

Recently, Eastman Machine partnered with Polisea S.A. (Romania) to boost its sales and expand the footprint in the European region where the partner will make sales and service for the Eastman clients. By the end of 2019, it plans to set up a demonstration unit that will provide free trial and training to customers in the European market. Alongside, the firm has also partnered with ExactFlat, a provider to 3-dimensional to a 2-dimensional pattern software suite that helps to cut patterns with digitally-printed graphics.

Eastman Machine

Buffalo, NY

Robert L. Stevenson, President & CEO

Provides custom-engineered cutting solutions for industries in apparel, automotive, furniture and composites