Easy Software Ltd: Simplifying Complex Project Management with Easy Redmine

Andrew Stovicek, COO
Today, project managers are rapidly shifting to Open Source Software (OSS) due to its easier approach to planning and flexible tracking, leaving behind the traditional methods. In this revolutionized approach, project managers can easily handle the team members, modify tasks and issues, and get a real-time view of the work progress. However, “installing a separate project management solution can be a financial burden for small and medium businesses,” says Andrew Stovicek, COO, Easy Software. Prague, Czech Republic-based open source content and project management software developer, Easy Software, eases the financial issues by redefining the open source project management software, Redmine. Despite of giving the flexibility to solve the project management complexity, Redmine has several shortcomings. “The vital difficulty of Redmine is in its user interface, which causes unsatisfactory user experience,” reveals Stovicek. Easy Software tweaks this interface of Redmine to deliver better open source project management software.

With over a decade’s experience in project management, Easy Software leverages OSS to offer solutions that address complex project management problems. The company has developed Easy Redmine, a cloud or on-premise OSS for simplifying complex project management tasks with extensions for resources, finance, and customer management. Easy Redmine provides graphs and charts for reporting, project templates, and quick project planner to managers. “It improves the Redmine user experience and offers plug-ins to broaden its capabilities,” says Stovicek. Further, Easy Software continues to incorporate the latest trends in their solution, as a big data collector. Easy Redmine combines chat messages, updates, comments, tasks, files, time entries, attendance logs, and finance entries,” shares Stovicek. Easy Software offers Redmine Analytics to analyze and visualize data and provide meaningful business insights to enterprises.

With a focus on enhancing Redmine, Easy Software integrates with other open source solutions.

Easy Redmine improves the Redmine user experience and offers plug-ins to broaden its capabilities

For instance, it is combines with open source marketing automation software Mautic, and with code collaboration platform GitLab, for code management. Easy Software also integrates Redmine with Open Shift for cloud or on-premise deployment. “The biggest advantage of Redmine’s integration is small and midsized businesses don’t require dozens of separate applications since there are plug-ins for most of the business operations,” illustrates Stovicek.

Easy Redmine is used by numerous organizations globally. One of Easy Software’s clients, automotive seating supplier Lear Corporation, faced challenges while relocating assembly line from one plant to another. The customer used Easy Redmine’s project template for all the relocation projects and it helped them save their enterprise project as a template that could be used for future project initialization. As a result, Lear Corporation’s initialization of complex relocation projects which used to take hours could be finished in a few minutes without any error.

This open source software solution from Easy Software is extensible it can be easily upgraded and localized across 14 languages. From technological perspective, Easy Software is planning to launch an updated version of Easy Redmine for better user experience. “We are also making our solution compliant with two major project management methodologies, IPMA and PMI,” expresses Stovicek. From the geographical viewpoint, the company is expanding its offerings across Europe and other continents in order to be closer to the customers. Specifically, “we will focus on Brazil and China as Redmine community is growing rapidly there,” concludes Stovicek.

Easy Software

London, UK

Andrew Stovicek, COO

Developer and implementer of Easy Redmine to address complex project management.