easySERVICE Data Solutions: Discover the Potential of Virtualization for BYOD

Anisha Gupta, President & CEO
With the advent of cloud and BYOD, enterprises are under tremendous pressure to build a secure infrastructure for their assets and information so that the employees who work from different time zones can do their job efficiently. Virtualization has surged as a chevalier for optimizing BYOD and resolving its predicaments, but IT managers and CIOs are facing strenuous exertion in the implementation of virtualization. Princeton, NJ based easySERVICE Data Solutions, has expertise in various virtualization tools, backed by resilient services that deal with today’s data security challenges, which impede progress and stifle growth. Start¬ed with the data recovery industry, today, easySERVICE has become an expert in BYOD area as well.

To allow an organization to capitalize on the benefits of BYOD successfully, easySERVICE believes that all the residing software, products, and infrastructure are up to date for setting up a robust virtualized environment. “We take care of all the software updates and installations so that there is no downtime occurring in the work of employees,” delineates Anisha Gupta, President and CEO at easySERVICE. easySERVICE is a New Jersey State recognized certified Minority Women Owned Business Enterprise that reflects the integrity and transparency of easySERVICE instituted by her. Anisha’s one of the primary missions is to make her company an extended arm of the cli¬ent’s IT department. “We want to make IT staff drop the worry of managing the security, and maintenance of networks and infrastructure,” says Anisha. This specially helps the IT experts of SMBs to shift their focus towards increasing the growth of their organizations.

easySERVICE targets firms that are still using XP solutions and old servers in their offices, since Microsoft has stopped supporting them they are under a constant threat of obsoleteness.

“We help companies virtualize their XP tools, hosted on virtualized environment so that they can continue to leverage their proprietary tool and avoid re-investing to build their entire business by buying expensive latest tools,” explains Anisha.
easySERVICE has labeled its services as ‘Pay-as-you-go solutions’ since the clients are given the opportunity to only spend as per the number of consumers of the service.

This, for instance, gives the flexibility to firms that hire interns for a short period of times. “These are the advantages of having a company-client relationship based on partnership,” adds Anisha.

We want to make IT staff drop the worry of managing the security, and maintenance of networks

easySERVICE specializes in helping companies make most of their IT infrastructure. “We have catered our cli¬ents through our desktop virtualization service, which helped them to install a single device that can be used by multiple people,” adds Anisha. The company also appeases the growing demands of universities’ IT staffs in the BOYD landscape, as the authorities are encouraging the importance of students bringing their own devices to campus.

easySERVICE in this regard provides 24X7 help¬desk service, in addition to data recovery service, and mobile device management to enable universities enhance their education system.
Every service given by easySERVICE is supported with impenetrable security measures. For instance, the company hosts virtual desktop environment for each employee from an affiliated server, which is made accessible on their mobile devices. When an employee logs out from its account, every information been used is transferred back to the server leaving zero trace and data on the device. “In this way clients are able to secure their data without any error because nothing is persisted locally,” exclaims Anisha.

easySERVICE Data Solutions

Princeton, NJ

Anisha Gupta, President & CEO

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